Self-Massage: Neck Myofascial Release

Myofascial massage can help release tension you didn’t even know you were carrying. Join Coach Elena for this quick class that will have you feeling better in less than 10 minutes.

Wake Up Your Spine Yoga

Good morning, Team! This gentle 5-minute yoga routine with Coach Georgina will help you start your day right by stretching and mobilizing your spine.

Low Back TLC

Let’s take care of your back! Follow along with Coach Elena as we stretch, twist, and release tension in the lower back.

Spine Stretch

Give your spine some love with Coach Elena! This class focuses on bringing some space and openness to your entire back, from the lower back to the base of the skull.

Start Yoga 1

Looking for an intro to yoga? Look no further! In this START yoga class, Elena will teach you how to take the postures of yoga and adjust them to meet your body’s needs. All you need is a chair and some water. 

Start Yoga 2

Join Elena for this START yoga flow! This class builds on what you learned from START Yoga 1 (you can check out START Yoga 1 HERE). She’ll show you how to adjust the postures to honor your body and how you are feeling. All you need is a sturdy chair and some water!

Start Yoga 3

In this START yoga class, Elena will guide you through a foundational flow with the option to modify using a chair. If you’re new to yoga or need a refresher, we recommend trying out START Yoga 1 (here) and START Yoga 2 (here) before you give this class a try.   Tip: This class includes […]

Start Yoga 4

In this class, Elena will guide you through the key components of downward facing dog and teach you how to modify the fundamental yoga pose to meet your body’s needs. You’ll leave this class feeling strong and confident! If you’re new to yoga or want a refresher, check out Start Yoga 1 (here), Start Yoga […]