Upper Body Dumbbells

Start with a dynamic warm-up, move through 7 exercises to strengthen your upper body, and finish with some core! Use whatever weight you’re comfortable with, Marcus is using 2 20lb. dumbbells.

Chair Yoga

Show your body some love and join Aaliyah for this feel good flow! All you will need is a chair and a non-slip surface. Let’s go, Team!

5 Daily Moves

Nicole leads you through 5 essential moves that you can do anytime you need a hit of movement—whether it’s a 10-minute break in your workday, right when you wake up in the morning, or while you’re heating up your lunch.

Beginner Yoga

Join Nicole for a beginner yoga flow practice to connect with your body and feel good. She’ll talk you through the foundational pieces of the practice, so no experience necessary! All you need to do is breathe, decompress, get out of your head, and connect with your physical body.

Flow and Core

Show your core some love with this flow routine that will help you feel connected and strengthen your body. Stretch it out!

Strength and Plyo

Coach Phillip combines the best of strength and plyo movements in this 30-minute workout. For each working set, he pairs a strength exercise with an explosive exercise, for a total of 6 different exercises. Grab a medium-weight set of dumbbells, a mat, and get ready to work!

Dumbbell Super Set

Coach Phillip combines classic movements to bring you this total-body workout! He’ll lead you through a warm up, strength workout, and cool down. All you’ll need are a set of dumbbells (choose a weight you can bicep curl 10 times) and 20 minutes. Let’s go, Team!

Full Body Conditioning

Coach Phillip is here to guide you through a warm-up, 3 rounds of 3 supersets, a 🔥 AMRAP finisher, and a cool-down. You’ll need a set of lighter dumbbells and medium dumbbells, if you have them. Let’s go, Team!

Core in Store

Coach Phillip is here to guide you through 3 rounds of exercises that will leave your core on fire 🔥. Grab some water, a mat, and get ready to work!

Upper Body Strength

Phillip takes you through a quick, but effective, upper-body strength workout. Grab some dumbbells and let’s get moving!

360 Core

Join Coach Phillip for this quick core workout that’ll have you feeling the 🔥! You can jump right in or check out this General Warm Up before you get started with 360 Core.

Double Dumbbells

Hike, squat, lock! Curl, press, control! Andrew is back with a tough, full-body dumbbell workout plus warmup. Get ready to sweat, Team!