LIVE Workout

Every Wednesday at 10am PST join Kaisa for a LIVE mobility workout on Youtube. The workout will be added to the challenge. If you can’t join, don’t worry! Try this prerecorded workout.

Full Body HIIT

Adaeze takes you through 4 rounds of an explosive HIIT workout that features 5 exercises, 40 seconds each, and 20 second active rests. Get into your positive mindset and let’s go!

Free Pass

We all need a day off sometimes! If you’ve got a streak going but don’t have time to workout today, don’t stress! This is your FREE PASS. Use it wisely!

Prenatal Barre

Grab a mat, pillow, and your water bottle and join Rachel for this prenatal barre class. This workout is good for ALL trimesters!

Game Prep

Need to add some spice to your warm-up routine? Join Coach Tyler for 5 minutes of FIRE that’ll get your blood pumping and muscles loosened up.

Climb the Ladder

It’s circuit time! In this routine, Ashley guides you through three fiery bodyweight circuits. Check strength and core work off your to-do list with this quick burn that’s under 40 minutes!

Hips Don’t Lie

It’s time to work on those hips! This yoga flow focuses on strengthening and opening your hips, as well as the core and lower body muscles that support them.

Flow It Down

Short on time? Elena’s advanced yoga flow will work your full body in 20 minutes or less. This fun, continuous, and creative routine is great for experienced yogis, or anyone looking for a good challenge!

Cruisey Creative Control

Feeling creative? This advanced yoga routine might be just what you need! Move through this fun, playful flow with Elena in less than 20 minutes.

Flying Lizard

In the mood to try something new? This yoga routine with Elena will help you work up to the flying lizard arm balance. Perfect for intermediate yogis looking for a challenge.


Is there anything more essential than breathing? In this video, Kaisa breaks down belly breathing, which is used in exercise to activate your core.

Adding On

You’ve mastered the basics, so let’s start making these familiar moves a little more complex and cardio-friendly!