Yoga Challenge Final Flow

Congratulations on making it to the end of the Yoga Challenge, Team! During this routine, make sure to notice how you feel today compared to when you started. This final day combines a lot of what we’ve been practicing into a creative, playful flow, so let’s get started, Team!

Yoga Challenge Day 1

Welcome to the first day of Just Move’s Yoga Challenge! Whether you’re looking for a calm and chill flow or an athletic burn, there will be something for everyone in this challenge. Every day, we will find fun and creative ways to move. Let’s get started, Team!

LIVE Workout

Every Wednesday at 10am PST join Kaisa for a LIVE mobility workout on Youtube. The workout will be added to the challenge. If you can’t join, don’t worry! Try this prerecorded workout.

Full Body HIIT

Adaeze takes you through 4 rounds of an explosive HIIT workout that features 5 exercises, 40 seconds each, and 20 second active rests. Get into your positive mindset and let’s go!

Free Pass

We all need a day off sometimes! If you’ve got a streak going but don’t have time to workout today, don’t stress! This is your FREE PASS. Use it wisely!

Prenatal Barre

Grab a mat, pillow, and your water bottle and join Rachel for this prenatal barre class. This workout is good for ALL trimesters!

Take the Wheel

Join Elena as she guides you through all of the elements that you need to build up to wheel pose.

Cruisey Creative Control

Feeling creative? This advanced yoga routine might be just what you need! Move through this fun, playful flow with Elena in less than 20 minutes.

Killer Core

Don’t be scared! This killer core workout is progressive, so you’ll build upon the routine as you move along. With 5 exercises total, you got this!

5 Daily Moves

Nicole leads you through 5 essential moves that you can do anytime you need a hit of movement—whether it’s a 10-minute break in your workday, right when you wake up in the morning, or while you’re heating up your lunch.

Beginner Yoga

Join Nicole for a beginner yoga flow practice to connect with your body and feel good. She’ll talk you through the foundational pieces of the practice, so no experience necessary! All you need to do is breathe, decompress, get out of your head, and connect with your physical body.