Choose a program for 2024!

Hey Team!

Many of you have been asking “what program should I do?” so we decided to compile all of our top programs to help you decide which one is right for you! Don’t stress that you didn’t start right at the beginning of the month, starting NOW is the perfect time. So check out the challenges, pick one, and LET’S GOOOO!


GET STRONG: Join Coach Kaisa for a 4-week program to become a stronger, more powerful version of yourself. No gym membership or fancy equipment required! All you need is two pairs of dumbbells and you’re ready to go! Let’s DO IT, Team!

Athletic Glutes
Athletic Glutes: Let’s work on our ASSets! This program is designed to strengthen and BUILD your booty! Tap into all of the benefits of stronger glutes with this well-rounded Athletic Glutes Program! All you need is a set of medium to heavy weight dumbbells and a sturdy chair. Let’s GO TEAM!

In the Gym: Strength
In the Gym: Strength: Are you looking to get back into the gym but not sure what to do? This month long strength program is the perfect thing for you! 3x a week training split up into upper body, lower body and total body, is GUARANTEED to increase your overall strength!

21-Day Reset: We all need a reset sometimes. Whether you’re trying to make movement a habit for the first time, or need to restart your routine, this 21-Day Reset is for you! This program is beginner friendly.

Here’s to moving and being grateful for our bodies in 2024! Join Just Move for access to every workout and challenge in the library!