Wake Up Your Spine Yoga

Good morning, Team! This gentle 5-minute yoga routine with Coach Georgina will help you start your day right by stretching and mobilizing your spine.

Self-Love Heart Opening

For Valentine’s Day (or any day!), relax, reconnect, and give yourself some self-love with this gentle heart-opening yoga routine.

Full Body Flow

Squeeze some gentle movement into your busy schedule! In this short routine, Elena guides you through refreshing yoga stretches. This brief full body flow is a great energy burst for any time of day.

Easy Energy

This yoga flow is all about using slow, gentle movements and breath to pick up your energy.

Mid Day Break

Take a break, and move with Elena! 5 minutes is all you need to refresh your body and mind. Perfect for those who spend a lot of time sitting or working at a computer.

Lower Back Relief

Lower back feeling crunchy? This yoga routine for lower back relief has got you covered! Join Elena for 5 minutes of gentle, seated stretching.

Wrist Wring Out

Show your wrists some love! These exercises tone and strengthen your wrists — perfect to counteract all the time on your phone or keyboard.

Neck Release

Don’t be afraid to give your neck some love! Banish neck tension with 5 minutes of slow, mindful movement. This seated yoga stretch will release tight neck muscles in no time.