Learn Crow

6 Workouts Level: Intermediate
Go from “no” to “crow” in just 6 classes! Gain balance and mobility, improve your strength and learn how to prep your wrists to prevent injury. Join today to master this challenging pose!

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Crow pose is a foundational arm balance in yoga. If you’re new to yoga, Crow pose can feel impossible, but this step-by-step program will help you go from no to Crow! Learning to master this pose can improve your overall strength, mobility, and balance. Now’s your chance to have an expert teach you! Join Coach Elena for this 6-class series to master Crow pose!

What you can expect from Learn Crow:

  • Build strength and increase mobility
  • Prep your wrists to prevent injury
  • 6 progressive classes
  • Classes are 20–25 minutes

This series is intended for intermediate movers, with no previous yoga experience needed. Listen to your body and take rest days as needed between classes, or repeat classes you want to improve on!

This Program Includes:
Learn Crow
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