Theragun Mobility: Lower Back

Ready to show your lower back some love? Grab your Theragun and massage your low back muscles on either side of your spine. Kaisa will guide you through several deep stretch exercises to improve your mobility and make your body feel good!

Theragun Mobility: Hips

Hips feeling tight? Join Kaisa for some Theragun work and mobility stretches! In under 20 minutes, she’ll help you relax and mobilize those hips to get you back to feeling your best.

Theragun Mobility: Neck & Shoulders

Grab a chair and hang out with Kaisa in this 10 minute mobility workout. Using the Theragun, you’ll prep these often-tight neck and shoulder muscles before gently mobilizing them. This is a great short routine for anyone who holds tension in this area or spends a lot of time at a computer.

Theragun Mobility: Legs

Show your legs some love! Wake up your muscles with the Theragun (which provides percussive therapy) first; then move into these stretches to improve your leg mobility. Focus on those quads, calves, and glutes—you got this!