Upper Body Dumbbells

Start with a dynamic warm-up, move through 7 exercises to strengthen your upper body, and finish with some core! Use whatever weight you’re comfortable with, Marcus is using 2 20lb. dumbbells.

Chair Yoga

Show your body some love and join Aaliyah for this feel good flow! All you will need is a chair and a non-slip surface. Let’s go, Team!

Get Strong Day 2

On Day 2, we’ve got two circuits of two moves each, with a fiery AMRAP as a finisher. Focus on creating a strong foundation to keep building on. Let’s go, Team!

Get Strong Day 1

Welcome to Day One of Get Strong! Your goal for this workout is to focus on understanding and getting comfortable with the moves. Grab a sturdy chair and two pairs of dumbbells — one light, one heavy — and let’s get moving!

Full Body Flow

Squeeze some gentle movement into your busy schedule! In this short routine, Elena guides you through refreshing yoga stretches. This brief full body flow is a great energy burst for any time of day.

Post Workout

Feeling like you want a longer cool down? Come stretch with Elena in this short yet effective routine. Add this on to the end of your favorite workout!


Let’s learn about reverse lunges! Kaisa breaks down this foundational move into easy-to-learn moves that build off our hinge. For this workout, you’ll want to wear a pair of socks to give your feet a bit of slide. If you’re on a carpeted floor, you can use a pair of paper plates as slides.


This tutorial breaks down jumping without ever leaving the ground! Jumping is an amazing exercise to help improve your strength, balance, and power, but can be hard on joints because of the impact. With this video, you can get all the benefits of adding jumps to your movement routine while keeping it low/no impact.

Your First Workout

Welcome to your first workout! If you’ve got five minutes in your day to spare, that’s enough to start building up a habit of regular movement. No equipment needed — you can do this seated workout at your desk, on your couch, even on the edge of your bed.

Quick Sweat

Have a little time to kill? Pull over a chair and move with Kaisa for 5 minutes of quick cardio!