Barre Core

Join Rachel for a short band workout, with easy-to-follow moves that will still shake you to your core!

Banded Stretch

Start with the feet and work your way up! Coach Anthony guides you through this long stretch flow, using a medium resistance band. From toes to ankles, hamstrings to glutes to lower back, then upwards to the shoulders, this routine will get you loosened up and feeling fine! Adapt to the movement so you feel […]

3rd Trimester Core

Shab is in her 3rd trimester and excited to lead you through this core routine! She will guide you through a series of core exercises and show you modifications. Before you start, make sure you’ve been cleared for exercise by your healthcare provider, and make sure to listen to your body!

Band Work

Get with the band, baby! Diversify your workouts with this fun routine that uses a light to medium resistance band to build strength and work up a sweat!

Band Workout

Hop on the BAND wagon, it’s time to feel strong! You’ll need one band, preferably light to medium resistance for this awesome strength workout that will work up a sweat and leave you feeling your absolute best!

Full Body Dynamics

Coach Anthony turn things up with a full-body workout that will challenge you and help you feel good! Gather up some dumbbells (or soup cans), slides (or towels), and resistance bands and get moving!

Banded Tabata

Grab your band (or go without!) and enjoy this Tabata-style workout that will amp up your energy and strengthen your body. Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, it’s the perfect routine for a quick hit of fun!

Bands at the Barre

This fun band barre workout will focus on your posterior side (the backside!), but will also hit your shoulders, core, and more! Have fun!

Lower Body Band Workout

Feel the power of your lower body and core in this spicy workout that includes a warm-up, 2 strength circuits, and Tabata to finish it all off!