Why add core to my routine?

No matter where you are on your movement journey or what your goals are, adding core to your existing routine can be beneficial.

What is your “core”?
We often hear the terms “core” and “ab” exercises used interchangeably, but there is a difference! The “core” includes all of the muscles in your trunk and your glutes, while “abs” are your abdominal muscles only.

What are the benefits of adding core to my routine?
The “core” is the base from which all movement stems. When we strengthen it and optimize our ability to synchronize core activation during physical activity, we’ll see:

Increased performance. When you have a strong foundation, all other aspects of your training will get stronger!
Improved balance & stability. Whether you’re walking down the street, doing your favorite workout class, or something else entirely, you’ll notice that balance & stability comes with greater ease.
Reduced risk of injury. Strengthening your core increases your tolerance to movements you do every day — such as bending or rotating your spine (think: turning to reach something in the backseat of your car, bending down to pick up a box). When you increase our tolerance to movement, your risk of injury goes down!

An effective core program should include more than just traditional crunches or sit-ups. If you’re ready to incorporate core into your routine but aren’t sure where to start, check out Coach Tyler’s Core Challenge!