Core Challenge

20 Workouts Level: Intermediate
Join Coach Tyler for this 4-week Core Challenge to increase strength and performance, prevent injury, and improve overall balance and stability.

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Core strength is about way more than just your abs! Your core makes up nearly half of your body and is the foundation from which all movement originates. In this Challenge, we’ll strengthen everything from our shoulders down to our hips, so expect more than just a few crunches and planks!

What you can expect from the Core Challenge:

  • 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week!
  • Strengthen and stabilize your balance
  • Improve posture and protect your back
  • Prevent injury

These short classes are perfect to add as a warm-up or finisher to your normal workout routine. This challenge is intended for an intermediate mover, but we focus on form over anything. Get ready for engaging classes that will work up a sweat!

This Program Includes:
Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four


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