Foundation Day 1

Welcome to Foundations! This series helps ease you into working out, breaks down basic exercises, and hopefully gets you empowered and excited to try more! We’ll be starting in a seated position — you won’t need to stand up at all for this workout.

Foundation Day 2

Workouts can seem overly complicated or complex, but almost all exercise actually stems from just a handful of moves. Learning these foundational moves — how they feel in our body, how to get in and out of them — will hopefully make you feel empowered and more comfortable to try new and more challenging exercises.

Foundation Day 3

Now that we’re more comfortable in the fundamental movements, we’re gonna kick things up a notch, put those moves together, and turn them into a cohesive workout flow! Grab a chair and water bottle and let’s go!

Foundation Day 4

We’re going to continue to build on the things you’ve learned so far and add a bit more of a challenge. This is a total-body workout to build strength and get your heart rate up. Remember to listen to your body, take a breather when needed and HAVE FUN!

Foundation Day 5

We’re keeping things moving and adding some spice to today’s workout. We’ll push further through the movements you’ve already learned, plus we’ll integrate some popular moves you may have heard of. This is the last Foundations workout, congrats on this milestone!