Start Moving: Your First Workout

Here is the first workout in the new Start Moving 5-Minute Workout series. It is only 5 minutes long. Try it out and see what you think.

If you’ve got five minutes in your day to spare, that’s enough to start building up a habit of regular movement. No equipment is needed — you can do this seated workout at your desk, on your couch, or even on the edge of your bed.

I’ve designed the Start Moving series to ease you into an easy habit of working out. We break down basic exercises, and get you ready and excited to try more!

Try this workout first. And if you like how you feel afterward, I invite you to join us in the full START MOVING program!

“Thank you all for focusing a series on Sciatica and back pain. I just started this program a few weeks ago in combination with physical therapy & dry needling. Natalie's chair classes have been my first focus. Her cheery personality, clear explanations, and demos help motivate me to keep building a morning stretch routine (I am NOT a morning person). This series of stretches have helped decrease my sciatica and pain significantly. I plan to work through this entire program and incorporate it into my life. Thank you.”

— Carol Ann W.

“I work on a computer all day and this first workout really made a difference because I could feel it opening up my shoulders. Looking forward to more!”

— Candice K.

“Just beginning this and thank you! She is wonderful and so clear!!”

— Denise T.

“OMG! Thank you! Finally a work out program truly designed for the people who have trouble moving. I used to be very fit and did ALL the sports. Then I came down with an autoimmune disorder and no matter how much I WANTED to move, it simply wasn't happening. The constant pain, the muscles that didn't cooperate, and the inability to recover after even a little bit of exercise was absolutely demoralising. Most programs for 'beginners' started at a level far beyond what I was capable of and that was so frustrating and demoralising. This program is designed for those of us who are struggling to move at all, for whatever reason. It got me moving again and hopefully it will keep me moving.”

— Cynthia B.

“I actually enjoyed yoga. This is a good pace and good lead instructions. I want this to be a daily practice for me.”

— Cheryl S.

“This subscription was totally worth the purchase. After only a week, it's already been so helpful to get myself moving and active again. I love that there are short videos for specific movements and longer, more intense workouts. Its varied and interesting. I also really appreciate there are a variety of instructors and styles.”

— Rachel M.


— Raffaella O.

“Perfect quick morning stretch!”

— Sara C.

“This is just right! From a completely sedentary day to 5 minutes of stretching is do-able. I felt so good that I did a second 5 minute workout and I am about to do a third 5 minute workout. I am so glad Ijoined!”

— Diane B.

“Great workout for your hip❤️❤️ 10 👍”

— Marie G.

“Nice way to ease into a workout!”

— Lucy W.

“Great seated 5 minute cardio workout! I will be adding this one to my favorites. Because of mobility issues at the moment I am having to do seated chair exercises. This one, along with the rest of the Start Moving program, is terrific for those just starting out or just returning to exercise after a long pause. Thanks Kaisa for another great series of workouts!”

— Dana A.

“I needed this. Thanks”

— Diane L.

“Great five minute Routine !”

— Andreas H.

“I just saw a doctor because of pain in my arm that I have not been able to shake or run off. Got physical therapy prescribed which is all booked out and hard to come by. Turns out that starting over with the 30 min mobility is all I needed to unblock whatever kept my arm in pain. I hope this time I will for real stick to your routines Kaisa, so grateful for them! <3”

— Leonie S.

“Honestly have tried so many “beginner” and “low impact” workouts over the years, only to find them too complicated to follow along with & end up discouraged and abandoning it completely. As an overweight person, frequently getting down on the floor & many other aspects of traditional routines just aren’t feasible right at the start. This program was completely different & gave me the motivation to keep at it, even leaving me wanting to redo or explore extra workouts later in the day to get some more activity. Everyone says to start small & take baby steps, finally found a program that actually lives up to that advice. Highly recommend for anyone that has zero workout experience, struggle with keeping up with the “traditional” workouts out there, and just looking to get moving”

— Jennifer S.

“The workouts are deceptively easy but I could tell a difference in my range of motion after the first workout.”

— Lisa N.

“Kaisa, Thank goodness for you! I love this program, and I love how accessible it is. I am a toddler mom and my body doesn’t respond to movement the way it once did. Your program makes me feel that’s ok, and that I can take it slow and don’t have to be in pain! So excited to continue on this journey.”

— Megan D.

“Great start for a beginner! Kaisa is so very encouraging and easy to follow. Positive way to start my day I’m a stress-free way!”

— DeAnna C.

“Great way to get back into movement when arthritis has taken over your knees.”

— Sandy B.

“I have completed this week by doing class1 ,2 & 3 two times each. A great feeling !”

— Betti N.

“Excellent opening week with a knee surgery recovery. Thank you for this.”

— Glenna P.

“I love every single training, I am always looking forward to move with Kaisa. At the end I always feel empowered and stronger.”

— Maryse L.


— Emmanuel M.

“Awesome beginners workout. I was hesitant to purchase as have tried other beginner workouts that where too advanced for me. This one rocks and instructions are great !”

— Anne Marie R.

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