START Dancing

5 Workouts Level: Start
Get the foundational moves and grooves that make you feel some type of way. Dancing is for everyone!

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dance — don’t stop now. Start here!

Dance is the most expressive form of movement—it’s about connecting to your body and soul through music. If you’ve always wanted to try dancing, this is the perfect beginner routine that moves at an easy pace and breaks down each move so you can learn the steps at your own speed.

Meet your choreographer, the amazing Kisha Vaughan! She’ll break down a chill, beginner hip-hop routine into four easy-to-follow sections, with a recital at the end where you put all the moves together and dance! Remember, it’s not about performing or perfection, it’s about feeling good and having FUN. Take it to the club, a party, or just keep it between you and the mirror!

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START Dancing
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