Upper Body Interception

Join Coach Elena for this 20-minute active recovery yoga class! She’ll guide you through an upper body-focused routine that’s designed to optimize your body’s recovery on rest days or after tough workouts.

Full Body Resilience

This 20-minute yoga class with Coach Elena focuses on athletic recovery. We’ll be using movement and breath to mobilize and open up sticky joints – this kind of recovery work makes it easier to power your explosive movements and build strength.

Slide It

This 5-minute floorwork class with Coach Rachel uses small movements to activate muscles in the pelvis, hip, glutes, and legs. Let’s do it, Team!

Energy Release

Work through your stress and release some energy with this 5-minute seated workout with Coach Tasheon.

Self-Love Heart Opening

For Valentine’s Day (or any day!), relax, reconnect, and give yourself some self-love with this gentle heart-opening yoga routine.

Shoulder Prep

If you’re ready to try a shoulder stand, this routine is for you! Georgina’s 30 minute beginner yoga workout will help you open and stretch your shoulders. Excellent for anyone looking to take their yoga practice to the next level.

Sciatica Softener

Join Coach Natalie on the floor to do modified cobra and pigeon stretches, which help soften tension and pain caused by the Sciatic nerve in the lower back and hips.

Quick Core

If you’ve got a spare fifteen minutes, you’ve got enough time to do some core work! Perfect for busy days, breaks from work, or when you’re craving a short and sweet workout.

Yoga for Sleep

Ashish will lead you through this relaxing yoga flow to help you wind down and prepare to sleep soundly.