Dumbbell Strength — Day 1

Welcome to Day 1, Team! After a quick warm-up to get you feeling loose, we get started on some total-body strength work, focusing on control and explosive power. Don’t forget about the small details that make all the difference!

Week 2: Thursday

Day 5, Team! As we progress, make sure to keep focusing on your form, especially as we make the moves more difficult. We’ll be adding holds to movements, extra reps, and a finisher that’s going to test your physical AND mental strength!

Week 2: Tuesday

In Week 2, we start to advance! This workout repeats the same movements from Day 1, and with the same equipment. We’ll be making the moves more difficult, adding some reps, and challenging ourselves with a spicy finisher. Get ready to leave it all on the mat, Team!

Upper Body Dumbbells

Start with a dynamic warm-up, move through 7 exercises to strengthen your upper body, and finish with some core! Use whatever weight you’re comfortable with, Marcus is using 2 20lb. dumbbells.

Dumbbell Strength — Day 12

Welcome to Day 12, Team! It’s time to finish off strong and challenge yourself with Coach Luka. He’ll take you through a final 35 minute dumbbell strength class that will leave you feeling capable and strong.

Dumbbell Strength — Day 10

It’s time to get locked in on Day 10! Join Coach Luka for this 45 minute class, where you’ll work on maintaining good form while adding an extra set to your workout.

Dumbbell Strength — Day 9

Welcome to Day 9, Team! Coach Luka will challenge you to progress your workout by bumping up the reps and time, all in less than 35 minutes. You’ll need a sturdy chair to step on and dumbbells. Let’s get ready to sweat!

Dumbbell Strength — Day 8

On Day 8, we’re back to get better! We’ll be adding reps and pauses, slowing down some movements and speeding up others, all with the goal of getting you moving and feeling great. Grab those dumbbells and let’s get to work, Team!

Dumbbell Strength — Day 7

Let’s go, Team! On Day 7, we’re bumping up the weight to push the limits and encourage progress. Be deliberate in your movements and you’ll see your mobility and range of motion improve!

Dumbbell Strength — Day 6

On Day 6, we’re focusing on improvement – it’s time to get better, Team! Heavier dumbbells and isometric holds work together to step up the challenge. Stay focused, keep excellent form, and push yourself!