Just5 Workout: Holds & Hurdles

When you open up your mind, body, and spirit, good things happen—and movement is key! This is an awesome cardio workout that will build strength and release stress. Have fun with it!

Just5 Workout: Tuesday Turn-Up!

Try these fun movements that are sure to help you feel good! We’ll leverage some classic moves like the plank, push-up, and lunge to get your blood pumping and fun firing on all cylinders. You’ll even get a much-needed stretch mid-workout!

Just5 Workout: Backpack Workout!

Who needs fancy equipment? Items you already have around the house can make for the best weights! Grab a backpack and fill it with books (as few or as many as you’d like) for an amazing at-home sweat. Let’s get moving and translate those booksmarts into energy IQ!

Just5 Workout: Side-to-Side Hustle

Amp things up with this high-intensity workout that utilizes a small space to give you maximum movement potential! We’re leveraging both horizontal and vertical positions to keep your heart rate up and the fun flowing. Let’s go!

I Am More Than My Body

My entire life, I have been seen for my body. Whether is was a positive or negative thing. I’ve been seen as manly and masculine, because I looked a certain way. Or I’ve been seen as thick and sexy, because I looked a certain way. Positive or negative. Whatever way you want to see it. […]

Podcast: No Matter the Game

My podcast w/ @justtrain dropped today and it’s definitely the most personal interview I’ve ever done. Nothing was off limits and he wanted to know it all. I don’t get personal often but he pulled it out of me 🖤

Podcast: She Thrives Radio

“When you workout and move, you inevitably start working through and moving through other things in your life.” Kaisa and host Taylor Gage of She Thrives Radio dive into the transformational possibilities of movement (and rest!), and the origins of “I am more than my body.” (Original airdate: January 8, 2019)

Keynote from NASM OPTIMA 2018 Conference

Never in a million years did I think I would have the opportunity to share my story with my peers… Words can’t quite describe the feeling of gratitude I have for this experience. Up until several years ago I didn’t even think I belonged in this industry. I constantly compared myself to everyone around me […]