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“I have been so surprised how just a 5 minute video can help increase my mobility, especially first thing in the morning when I am so stiff!”

— Sarah S.

“Very inspiring and motivating. Just starting, so like your style and encouragement. Thanks”

— JindyAnn A.

“This was such a challenge! Short and sweet, will do often when I have 5 minutes.”

— Rene R.

“Just started (no pun intended, haha) with the first workout. Coming from being an ex-athletic person and a now totally sedentary human that needs to lose 100lbs, has janky knees, and feels pain daily just by being, let alone exercising, I'm grateful for this level of beginning. I'm a super busy mom in the middle of an intense 6 month bootcamp (of the educational kind) and have been really down and embarrassed at what poor shape I'm in. Going to the gym is a personal hurdle I'm not ready for. I've had this subscription for a long time but never used it. I just tailored my home office to be able to turn my computer monitor so it faces the space of the room vs. my office chair easily, put one of our dining room chairs in that space, and am committing to including "Start Moving" as a part of my personal commitment to myself of losing 100lbs in 1 year. I'm excited to feel good in my body again, and StartMoving is going to help me get there. This is the first workout routine that feels DOABLE for me by being gentle enough for a ROSH (Recovering Overly Sedentary Human)and set in small pieces of time that I will grow as my habit/routine becomes established. And I'm not embarrassed! I love Kaisa's positive vibe and inclusive attitude. I also appreciated the (paraphrasing) "Now, if you hear some snap, crackle, and popping - that is totally normal and fine as long as you're not having pain with it", because I have a LOT of that noise going on! Today is Day One of my journey, I'm happy to have this program to help me... START.”

— Alissa A.

“I love Rachel. I mean seriously. She’s so encouraging, as all the coaches - truly awesome workout. Giving me a great boost of energy!”

— Stella C.

“This is amazing! It’s so helpful when coming back from an injury or really anytime! Yes, it’s labelled as a start level, but it’s for all levels! Thank you Kaisa and team! Love it!”

— Mamie S.

“The wrist and ankle stretching was great. Lots of unusual and effective positions and stretches -- just as I've come to expect from Start Move and Just Move. Maybe add in a class on address carpal tunnel syndrome? I'd love that!”

— Juhi K.


— Bree S.

“This was very energizing. I”

— Dawn M.

“I love this subscription service! For someone who used to be very active and then have not been this is a great place to start. You can ease yourself back into moving without the risk of hurting yourself or "that all or nothing mentality" that a lot of other workout programs support. This is great for beginners or those that haven't been active in some time.”

— Amanda P.

“Yea Me! So excited. So glad you are starting us off in small increments. I’m building a new life style and slow but steady is the way yo go.”

— Lisa C.

“Just started with this app and have found many short workouts that make working out feel do-able! Taking it in small bits always helps me get back to moving. Thanks for taking the "overwhelm" factor out of getting started!”

— Jenny D.

“Great stretching exercises!”

— Priscilla B.

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