“I am really enjoying the variety & compactness of the workouts. They are fun & effective. I modify a bit for lower impact. I can do high impact, but inside on hardwood older than me...barefoot I won't. I need to woman up, shoe up and take these outside. I kinda meal prep most Sundays (somewhat) anyway, but I signed up after I shopped so I missed out. I need to try it for weeks 3&4. I am traveling a bit this week...and don't want to waste food. I will say potatoes don't grow well in the SW so.. sweet or not, they aren't quite as ubiquitous as in WA. I can get them though:-)”

— Christina M.

“I love how you motivate through the screen. I put on some quarantine kilos and you help me get back in that pre-Covid shape! So thanxs for that. A big shoutout from Germany!”

— Katharina B.

“I absolutely love this!! I'm just done with my first week, and it's been challenging and fun. It's been what I needed to get my workouts back on track.”

— Macie S.

“I just complete the 20/20 challenge and i just need to say that is INCREDIBLE, in just 20 minutes a day you sweat as hell but build strength and improve cardiovascular dramatically in just 2 weeks. Now that I know all the movements, i will try it again with the modifications to make it more challenging.”

— Sergio R.

“I’m from Monterrey Mexico and is awesome the change in my body, I love the 20/20 just 20 minutes and I feel I work all my body”

— Ana Z.

“I am absolutely loving these workouts Kaisa. I was nursing a bad knee when I began the mobility series and i still think those workouts are amazing - thorough and complete body workouts that leave you feeling stretched and empowered. Recently i added in this series too and they are fantastic! They push hard but don't make you feel like you have to push to injury! And they leave you fully satisfied that you have worked your butt for the day! Thanks so much Kaisa. You are a beautiful and gifted person.”

— Kate G.

“Just seeing this 20/20 challenge. I’m gearing up to begin it on Sunday.”

— Marcella A.

“I'm 39, T1D (since I was 3) and have struggled with knee issues for a few years now. I really like Kaisa and the way she speaks to the audience, it's hard to explain; it's encouraging and praising but different than any other workout video I've tried. It's better somehow. I'll be honest, I haven't worked out hard in a while and I'm not good at pushing myself. I'm a little concerned about my knees during these workouts but am doing my best to modify w/o losing the intent. I did the warm-up and the 1st 20/20 workout on Monday and wasn't able to do anything until Thursday due to how sore my lower body was lol I'm planning on giving it another go tomorrow, I have a small house and not enough space to workout when it's filled with my teenager and his friends =P I don't love HIIT but this doesn't seem too bad, I'd recommend it in any event lol”


“So awesome it was hard even just warming up was a burning”

— Velonika T.

“I love everything Kaisa!!!!”

— Sandra C.

“I am on my third straight month of doing this program and I am just getting better and better. You would think that my body would be used to it by now but there so many challenging moves that I'm still working on getting my form better or just doing more reps during the allotted time. I recommend this program because all you need is yourself. This one is also really good if you travel a lot and don't care for the sub par hotel gyms.”

— Cecia S.

“I'm really enjoying the 20/20 program. It's challenging and fun, but short enough to propel a habit forming routine. Even though I'm working from home, it is still so hard to find a fitness routine that I stick to everyday; I go through highs of working out all the time and then weeks of nothing. I purchased this package to spring me back to consistency. With the warm up, the work out and then a 10 minute mobility workout, each morning starts with a really enjoyable 40 min routine that gets me sweaty!”

— Daniela J.

“Got this after enjoying a few other mobility work outs. Kaisa really keeps me motivated and I always feel fantastic after a workout. What I especially like about this set is having a couple other people in the video. Makes me feel like I’m at a live class again!”

— Genevieve B.

“Absolutely love this workout! So easy to follow and get a great workout each time!!”

— Lulia H.

“love it!! Short, challenging, and makes for a good sweat!”

— Kibby D.

“OMG! I am loving this whole package! I’ve been so bored and unmotivated by my regular home workouts and this has breathed new life into my routine. I am also happy to see that the people in the videos are as sweaty and out of breath as I am by the end. :)”

— Alex J.

“Phenomenal program! Challenging, energizing moves! Palpable improvement in my fitness and mental health. Jazzed for Week 2!”

— Hadar A.

“So happy I started this program! It has only been a week and I'm already noticing improvements in my strength, conditioning, and mobility!”

— Jennifer H.

“Love the movements and timings Such a great combination Burning in lungs and muscles at the same time Bravoo❤💪💪🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️😘😘”

— Isidora S.

“This workout is excellent HIIT training that I can fit in with a crazy schedule. I just finished the 20 day challenge and my legs have definition and my butt is lifted. My husband has been complementing me on the results. It works and can be done with little space too.”

— Jennifer T.

“I enjoy Kaisa workouts! I would of prefer to just have her do the workout to follow how perfect she does it. Overall, my friend and I enjoyed the entire workouts! She competed her workout in Dallas while I competed mine in Houston. I wish Kaisa was an instructor at the mirror device! She is fantastic with her movements and her teaching are great.”

— Kat A.

“These 20/20 workouts are challenging and fun. You can start easier if you need and work up to a very challenging level. I look forward to doing them and I’m dripping sweat when I’m done. The time goes by fast and Kaisa is very motivating.”

— Tammy P.

“I think this workout is awesome, and gets your heart rate up in only 20 min. For the price I think it's fair, I did not follow the recipes/meal plan just the work outs, maybe in the future have an option that instead of the meal plan, to provide an extra week with different work outs.”

— Tatiana L.

“Just completed Wednesday challenge. Love it so much! The exercises were challenging but achievable. Can't wait to do tomorrow's challenge! Thank you Kaisa!”

— Shu Men L.

“My 12 year old son and I do the quick 20/20 challenge together since he has been out of school due to the quarantine. I love it. Fast paced, gets a quick work out in and lots of movement. Great way to start moving.”

— Virginia S.

“Just completed day 4 of week 1! Loving the energy of the program and sweating aaaaallll over - feeling it in every muscle of my body. Amazing - in only 20 minutes! My 5 year old daughter joins me every time and is all enthusiastic about it too. Greetings from Switzerland”

— Frauke B.

“Absolutely Amazing!! Can not wait for the next few weeks!!”

— James G.

“This a great workout in such a short time! I love the movements & broke a serious sweat.”

— Nicole F.

“I don't usually like to do exercises watching such videos. They all seem to be same and not fulfilling. BUT KAISA made me sweat like a pig :) I LOVE THE VIDEOS. I love her attitude and her pure fitness vision. Having said that I also expected that there would be variation from week to week in terms of exercises. As I got it for half the original price, it is fine. But if I had it for the full price, I would have not been as happy due to having only 5 videos. I would rather have more videos and less recipes also because, personally, I have my own way of cooking or prepping food and I need more input on the exercise side of things. Nevertheless, thanks a lot Kaisa. I love your attitude and feel good after doing your program.”

— Sara C.

“Love it!”

— Arlete B.

“Great workouts and way to make the most of 20 minutes a day! The 20/20 program also has accountability to keep you motivated to show up each day.”

— Susan W.

“I absolutely love the 20/20 challenge! And man is it a challenge , I’m super sparkly/ sweaty at the end ! I also love the way Kaisa is so positive & motivates you throughout! She also shows you modifications , which I’ve had to do, if needed.”

— Gina W.

“While the workout looks amazing I personally am not ready for it. Doing Mobility One daily instead. Even that is too difficult so I modify a lot. Would love to purchase a getting ready for video with modifications provided. Love the Self Help Tips and looking forward to trying the recipes. Very motivating. 20/20 is a goal.”

— Lydia W.

“Thank you Kaisa!! You are a true gem and I so appreciate your encouragement, honesty, and direction. I was looking for something to hold me accountable to myself and touch upon cardio again as I've been doing nothing but mobility and yoga. This is perfect!! Keep shining your light!”

— Erin J.

“Mi sveglio prestissimo al mattino per fare insieme a te questi magnifici ed energici workout! Mi sento forte e piena di energia! Grazie Kaisa!”

— Lucia C.

“I loved the first week of this challenge ! I injured myself last year and had a hard time getting moving again. The first week got me going and I had lots of fun. However, I was very disappointed when I started Week 2 and noticed that all the workouts are the same. The warm ups being also the same every day, I was hoping for more variation and different workouts throughout the weeks. You basically pay for one week of great workouts (I really enjoyed them) and then that week repeats itself 3 more time...”

— Lisandre R.

“I love this challenge! Kaisa is very motivating and keeps me working hard through the circuits.”

— Laura W.

“I made it through the first week! It’s definitely challenging for me, but still doable. Kaisa is very positive and energetic which helps keep me motivated. I love how throughout the workout she reminds you to listen to your body. Between the 40 minute stretches Kaisa does and this 20/20 I’m feeling better and seeing results already!”

— Shellah P.

“Loving the sessions, high intensity, which is what I needed! Thank you!!!”

— Jayne H.

“Kaisa's workouts are hard as hell and I love it. I really appreciate how positive and encouraging is she! I feel so much better after completing one of her workouts!! :)”

— Rachel K.

“I love your workouts and the energy you bring into the "room". The exercises are simple to understand and i love to way you give options, so one can choose whats best at each point. Keep up the good work. Thanks :-)”

— Carla S.

“Only one week in and I already Love this program!! Between the meal plan and the killer workouts, this is setting me up for success! I feel great and can’t wait to continue!”

— Gianna R.

“This challenge is amazing! The 10 minute warm will already get you pumped and by the end of the 20 minutes you will feel the burn!”

— Nechama H.

“Loving the challenge so far! My girlfriend and I are taking the challenge together. We love your enthusiasm and the exercises are fun and difficult, and we love adapting to the challenge!”

— Justin M.

“It is so much fun to do this challenge! The moves are original and the circuits go by super fast. I am always surprised when they are over! I sweat like CRAZY during these workouts and am absolutely loving it. Thanks Kaisa!”

— Marene A.

“Kaisa has such contagious energy. I cannot appreciate enough that she focuses on FORM over EVERYTHING. Her workouts will kick your you know what, but never leave you feeling broken.”

— Kristina C.

“Live workout session is where it’s at! Kaisa’s exuberant personality and passion came through 100% making me actually laugh during the session- I’ve only had that much fun with a workout one time ever!!! So looking forward to more live workouts with Kaisa!”

— Story G.

“The best ever program. Real Challenge to achive, so strong, so fun. Greetings from México. ;)”

— Patricia T.

“I love Kaisa. I bought the 20/20 program because now that I am working from home I add this workout to my regular daily workout. They are challenging and always get my heart rate up. I like the variety so far. It is only week one. She is motivational, the program is affordable, I like the text motivation option. I love, love, love this program. Here is why I gave it 4 stars: I did try to convince a friend to sign up with me and she did not and I am glad she didn't because the workouts are NOT for beginners. The movements are challenging and even the scaled down movements are still for people who have been working out and know how to modify and exercise. If my friend had signed up she would not have made it through day 1 or 2 with the plank movements. I think there should be a third scaled movement for beginners because your plan is affordable, includes food and motivation and is only 20 minutes. For someone who is just starting or getting back into their fitness journey the movements on the floor are too hard. There are a lot of people who cannot plank on their first day. You need one more athlete on there demonstrating and easier movement, like a plank from their knees until they get strong enough to go up to two feet. This is not a criticism I would recommend this program to most of my friends but I know others who would feel intimidated because it doesn't accommodate their level of fitness. Thank you for the program it is a great investment. I am glad I invested.”

— Sharon G.

“I absolutely love this program. The movements are very effective. The mobility program makes it easier for me to perform the movements. I never sweat so hard in 20 mins in my life. Thanks Kaisa,”

— Danielle R.

“Today was a challenging workout and I loved it. I am new to this workout so the length of the workout is perfect, ability to give 100% and not sacrifice the correct techniques. See you tomorrow!!”

— Michelle B.

“I’ve been following Kaisa for years and finally decided to purchase during COVID. SO motivating, quick and efficient. 12/10 to you Kaisa!!”

— Shanda A.

“This workout was awesome!”

— Annelie V.

“Extremely motivating, very quick and efficient. Loving it 🤩”

— Stephanie D.

“It's amazing the amount of sweat you can sweat in 20 minutes! Kaisa is my inspiration! Quick and effective!”

— Rayna P.

“Just finished my first week of the 20/20. It's tough but doable. I've really enjoyed the classes and have finished each of the classes sweaty and smiling. I'm surprised at my own capacity and my body and mind is feeling really good. Thanks for a great program Kaisa!”

— Michelle K.

“Amazing love all the combinations on moves and the way you motivate us súper thank you ah I love the meditating cool off was fab thx again”

— Lucia M.

“Fabulous! Sweaty and feeling great!! Bring on tomorrow 💪🏻”


“Fabulous! Sweaty and feeling great!!”


“Day Three and Kaisa is kicking my butt in the best way possible. I've been cross training for nearly three years at Orange Theory Fitness as well as on my own, and Kaisa's 20/20 workout was just what I needed to give me that extra edge. I appreciate her energy, encouragement, and drive to succeed. The workouts are intense and pack a punch, and she gives great modification suggestions. I love the workouts so far! Thank you Kaisa! Your journey and coaching are inspiring!”

— Whitney J.

“So far I have loved the 20/20 challenge. I find it to be a tough but manageable workout, which is super important to me. With other video workouts, I feel like I can't complete half the moves and that totally sets me up for failure. With this workout, the moves are doable for someone who might not be at their preferred fitness level, and Kaisa is so positive and reassuring throughout the video it makes me want to finish it.”

— Stephanie M.

“I love this workout!! I had to modify some exercises because I have a brace on my right wrist. I'm excited to finish the other routines for the rest of the week.”

— Yolanda M.

“Challenging, engaging and keeps you on your toes! Brilliant hiit workouts and Kaisa's encouragement (and ace workout buddies!) really get - and keeps - you going. Highly recommend (and thank you).”

— Joanna F.

“Great warm-up! Phantastic sequence, feels just amazing!!!! So looking forward to tomorrow! Thank you for the lovely support Kaisa! Loving it! Ana”

— Ana S.

“Just did the first workout, and so far it seems great! Cant wait for tomorrow’s workout session!”

— Tonje C.

“Super challenging workout, but able to modify for any level! I had a blast with these workouts!”

— Sarah G.

“The program and all the workout are great. You are inspiring and you give us a lot of energy and self confidence ! That's exactly what I searched... The balance between high and lower intensity is perfect . Thank you Kaisa !”

— Laura B.

“Kaisa has always inspired me from day one when I discovered her back in 2016. I just had a major surgery and was feeling down and uninspired. I came across her page and realized she was from my hometown and was coaching classes. I went and it was emotional after not moving for years at the time. Once again I am inspired, this 2020 challenge brings me back to that moment I decided to do something better for myself and Kaisa is right there coaching us all along. It's a challenge for sure and at times you might want to quit but dont. Push through. Thank you for such a great challenge and making me feel like your right there in the room cheering us all on. ♥️”

— Amber J.

“Let’s start with : I’m 45 have 3 kids working night shifts 12-14hrs a day as a social worker. I need to be in shape and for that I have tired a couple of “heart pumping” exercises over the years. This is the first one that gives me what I need. 20 min which is enough time to fit it in to any routine and long enough to say Oh Sweet Jiminy Cricket. So I rate this 2020 challenge as a 5*. Thanks Girl love from Canada Ps: Don’t ever stop doing what you love, shows on all the videos that your heart is really into changing peoples life.”

— Agnes G.

“aside from chasing after my 2 year old, I’m fairly out of shape but have always been lightly active. This workout was a butt kicker!! I was so sweaty after and it felt great!!!! I’m learning to love movement with just my own body again”

— Marianna T.

“Je viens de commencer la première session et je trouve ça vraiment top ! Hâte de voir les résultats :)”

— Roukiat D.

“I love everything about these workouts! They're a creative combination of movements that are highly effective in a short period of time! I've combined them with the warm up and short mobility one routine as my cool down (sometimes vice versa) for a total of about 40 mins. Try it! Your body will thank you! :) I love that no equipment is needed. I love that I can access the videos from my phone. I love that this series eliminates all the excuses and most of all....I love Kaisa's energy!!!! When I feel like I can't do one more I hear "LET'S GO TEAM!" and I push through every time! Her energy is infectious and inspiring - she's definitely walking in her purpose! :)”

— Genny L.

“I finished day 2 of my 20/20 workout and I feel amazing!! Kaisa really pushes you and really works your whole body out! I love how I can do it right from my living room! I’m so excited to push through this journey! Kaisa is so engaged with her clients! 20/20 is a game changer!”

— Alexa P.

“Super engaging, challenging and thoughtful program. Kaisa's insightful athleticism makes her sessions gimmick free and hyper relevant for actual sport or just improved daily movement. Her cues are fun but no-nonsense, and explicitly encourage self-coaching and body mindfulness that is far more yogic than it is CrossFit. This also drives her explicit and implicit emphasis on balance and form. I appreciate Kaisa's buoyant screen presence but I especially admire the intellect behind these crisp and rewarding workouts.”

— Russell S.

“Finally got around to doing the first work out. Loved it! Challenging and fun, got a good sweat on! Day 2 tomorrow. Audrey”

— Audrey G.

“Just completed Tuesday (day2) of 20/20. It’s really challenging, and definitely gives you a good workout! I’m not new to working out and I’m aching already! Thank you Kaisa! Keep up the good work! TEAM ❤️”

— Jane U.

“I like demanding and effective short training (30 minutes or least) because I’m lack of time with work and kids. I discovered Kaisa on a share on Facebook, then I started following her on Instagram and I love her. I have just started the 20/20 training and I am very satisfied.”

— Nadine B.

“The first workout was super fun and challenging! I love Kaisa's approach so much. I usually have a smile on my face even when it's hard!”

— Devon C.

“Other HIIT workouts haven’t been as motivating because the movements are too complex or repeated too much. This one feels like it goes by at exactly the right speed. Plus 20 minutes is long enough to feel I’ve worked out but short enough I have fit it in before my kids wake up AND stay motivated to do it. Is a half an hour more sleep going to improve my day, or is a workout? Easy choice! Lastly, I appreciate Kaisa’s motivating but authentic words. And I like the the emphasis is on strength and movement and not weight loss 💪🏼”

— Alison O.

“I love that I only need my yoga mat and my body weight to complete the workouts in 20/20. They are challenging for me as a beginner, however, I feel good after the 20-minute session. It also feels good to do the athletic movements; it reminds me of when I was an athlete in high school. It's in those moments when my brain switches to "game mode" and I put all of my effort into the movement. Thank you, Kaisa, for this program and for all of the others you have created.”

— Brenda R.

“Those jump squats really get the job done! I have just finished day two and am loving the way 20/20 fits perfectly into my lunch hour exercise planning. Feeling stronger already and excited for the rest of the week.”

— Blaire D.

“I needed a swift kick in the ass to motivate. Kaisa’s energy, positivity and “GO TEAM” approach got me out of a big rut. I’m still working the program’s beginning stages, but I’m all in. And because it’s only 20 minutes long, it was mostly easy to get done with my 2 year old playing nearby. Gotta get it in no matter what!”

— amanda k.

“I am on my 7th day of doing 20/20 (includes the Live workout) and it is a 🔥workout! I totally love the variety and the way Kaisa coaches "us" through it. Even though I am not in the small group setting I feel as if I am a part of the group. Moreover, I love that I am getting a full body workout!! First online workout that I have totally looked forwarding to doing consistently.”

— shirine p.

“I love it 😍!!!! This work out my first Monday routine”

— Edith S.

“Three days in and I already feel stronger. Love doing each of these followed up by the short version of Mobility One. Thank you for helping me get started in December with an easy and important New Year's resolution to move everyday!”

— Jessica W.

“Y’ALL. If you are in the market for a no BS program to help you get some seriously fantastic quick workouts in, this is it! In just 20 minutes, you will get your heart rate up, effectively hit tons of muscles, and SWEAT!!! Kaisa’s infectious positive energy will pump you up and you’ll finish the workouts feeling accomplished and ready to take on the world.”

— Jaymee B.

“I just started and It's already kicking my butt since day 1! workout is easy to follow and gives you the option to do regular pace or advance paced. full body workout in 20 minutes! more than you will get in the gym on your own if you're a beginner.”

— Melinna C.

“I've done day one and two so far, and loved it! I've been working out for four years now and was really hoping that this program would be challenging enough, and it did not disappoint!! Excited to complete 20/20!!”

— Amy S.

“Kaisa is just plain amazing! I own everyone of her meal plans and programs, and everyone is worth the $ Love the new coaching format and that I share a name with one of the trainees! Being consistent with Kaisa’s dynamic movement sessions has really transformed my athletic abilities in my outdoor sports.”

— Kaylee C.

“Kaisa's programs (I have all of them) are great, and the 20/20 is awesome! I did the warm-up (glad I did) and Monday's workout and I was very thankful it was only 20 minutes! It had me out of breath and sweating. My cool down is always her short version of her Mobility program which I also highly recommend!”

— Lisa H.

“Well, I finished my first workout. I have to say...I was very impressed. I have exercised all my life. I love to exercise, but I am also 57 years old and I was worried how I would do. It was great. I really, really sweated and it was hard, but I was able to do all the moves without feeling I might hurt myself. It was awesome. Looking forward to trying the other workouts. Also grateful it only took me half an hour and could do it in my small living space with no equipment necessary. Yes, yes.”

— Lenore M.

“I LOVED every single one of these workouts and what I loved the most is they have definitely challenged my mind and my body! With composite moves you get your heart rate up, train your body to go through the unexpected just like a true athlete and even better always incorporates core movements for core balance which is the most important! Last but not least zero equipment necessary which was a life-time saver during travelling and only 20 minutes of my day to move my whole body and get a good sweat!”

— Mariam A.

“Such a great workout!! It’s amazing how fast you can get your heart rate up and what a dynamic workout you can get in from just 20 minutes. I highly recommend everyone to give this Monday to Friday workout series a try! My favorite part of this series is that no matter where you’re at or how busy you are, you can choose one of these workouts and get in a great sweat that day. Being a formal athlete myself, Kaisa just gets it!! She knows I want something challenging and effective. Thank you Kaisa and Team for letting me be apart of this project. Can’t wait for you to complete this workout yourself and to hear your favorite 20!”

— Kayli M.

“This workout series kicked my butt in the best way ever! It’s challenging and will push your body to the limits and when you think you can’t move anymore Kaisa’s energy helps you push past the exhaustion phase and before you know it, twenty minutes have passed and your a stronger version of yourself! Thank you Kaisa for bringing your energy and workout genius to this series.”

— Aaliyah E.