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Podcast: The Food Medic

“Why does everybody come into the gym wanting to change the way that they look?

“I think underneath it all when we want to change the way we look; we ultimately think that by looking different, we will be happier. We think by looking different that so much of our life will change. Maybe we will be able to be in a relationship, or a better relationship, or our friends and family will love us better, or we’ll get that job that we’ve always wanted.

“I realized I needed to meet people where they’re at and encourage people that changing the way you look doesn’t bring those things. It doesn’t bring any form of sustainable happiness. The happiest you can become is by developing a relationship with your body and developing a positive appreciation for what your body can do for you.

“Not for what it looks like.

“It’s a nearly impossible message to sell. I am in an industry, and we live in a world of quick fixes, and that you are what you look like, especially for women. Our initial value to everyone, even to other women, is what we look like.

“And so, selling this message is a very, very difficult one. It’s one that I will never give up on. It is the reason why I’m here today. And I think I will be talking about this message for the rest of my life.”

Kaisa talks with Dr. Hazel Wallace, on the The Food Medic podcast. (Original air date: Aug 29, 2022)