Raging Gracefully

Health is a Feeling

Podcast: Raging Gracefully

“The fitness industry and wellness industry has told everyone that if you are healthy, you look a certain way. And the reality is that’s not true at all. It’s really just a way for the industry to make money because we’re pushing an image on and trying to get everyone to buy products and, basically basing it on a lie.

“And so I say health is a feeling. Health is a version of you taking care of yourself, given your own circumstances. It’s moving regularly. It’s eating relatively well, and hydrating, and sleeping. And that’s what health is. And everybody’s version of health looks a different way.

“Health just doesn’t look one way.”

Kaisa talks with Nina Collins, the chief creative officer at Revel, on the Raging Gracefully podcast. (Original air date: Aug 26, 2022)