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Just Move with Multi-Million Dollar Business Founder Kaisa Keranen

Podcast: Fascinating Entrepreneurs

“My goal was to be able to create an online studio. Many people would be familiar with the Pelotons of the world today, and this was my goal 15 years ago. It’s still my goal today knowing that we are not selling weight loss, but we are focused on creating movement for every single level of a human being that is ready to start their movement journey, continue their movement journey, or advance their movement journey.

“I also am very aware that people would choose to move more if we weren’t so narrow-minded about what working out means. So we have dance on our platform. We have all the traditional strength, cardio, yoga, and it’s ever-growing. But really the goal behind Just Move is to create movement for everybody, and to really vary the types of movement we have without ever focusing on weight loss.”