If you’ve never moved before, haven’t moved in a long time, or if you are in pain and don't know where to begin. We've got you covered.


When we’re not moving, it hits us mentally, it hits us physically, and hits us emotionally. And if we’re in pain, all of those are compounded.

And that can leave us feeling overwhelmed with not knowing where to even begin.

Movement is a simple-but-powerful tool of change. It can get us out of pain. It gives us better energy. It helps us sleep at night. And movement can motive to take better care of ourselves in all parts of our lives.

So the biggest question is where to start?

That’s what Just Move START is here for.


Just Move is an at-home workout library with on-demand, at-home workouts that fit any mood, any activity level, and any body. With new workouts added every week to keep things fresh, fun, and feeling good!

Watch anytime, anywhere from any device. Stay at home and workout privately.




Start with a week of strategically designed lessons, you’ll learn the fundamentals of movement and proper form in about 10-15 easy minutes a day. You can repeat this series as often as you wish.


Two days of movement a week for a full month. We’re doing strength on Monday and we’re doing cardio on Thursday. Commit to this for a full month, and see how you feel.


Join the private Facebook Group and share your results. This is an encouraging group.


That’s the most common question we hear. Will it work for me? I’m too… (fill in the blank)

No one can tell you how you’ll feel about Just Move after your first month. But there are hundreds of reviews, testimonials, and stories from real people of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds who share how this platform helped them get moving again, reduce pain, and feel better about their bodies.

What we CAN do is guarantee that if you decide this isn’t the right fit for you in your first two months, you can easily get a full refund.


This is my first workout after a very long hiatus. I thoroughly enjoyed it and worked up a sweat without overexertion. Can't wait to see what's next!!

- Renee D.

These videos seem so basic, but they make me realize how important it is to get these small moves exactly right. Thanks for taking the time to detail each movement in an educational, encouraging but never demeaning manner. This is exactly what I need to help with my recovery!!!

- Pamela D.

Excellent way to easy my body into working out. Something I haven’t done for many, many years. Thank you.

- Barb H.

I am jumping back in with the Start Challenge. I knew it was going to be easier, but with a hip injury I wanted to make sure I took things slow and easy. Just finished day 4 and I broke a sweat.

- Tara B.

I am a breath away from 51 & it’s been 2 years since I’ve worked out regularly. I was going to jump in & probably hurt myself by doing workout that I am not ready for. This beginners series is PERFECT. I am feeling really good but not hurting myself getting back into regular exercise. Fun & motivating! Thank you 😊

- Nancy D.

I love the beginner workouts for Just Move. It's been a long time since I exercised regularly, and Just Move is making it possible and fun. Kaisa is very affirming and inclusive. It's so hard to find a *true* beginner workout. I've been looking a long time for something just like this. I'm hooked!

- Lizzie M.

I have been away from moving for far longer than I would ever wish. Kaisa's classes are just amazing - she does such a good job reminding us how to listen to our bodies and breathe through the movement. I already feel better!

- Heidi B.

Recovering from a surgery and seeing an opportunity to get back to basics, I joined the Just Move community to take things one step at a time and get back to my fitness routine slowly. Using the Start Challenge and Start Workouts, I’ve discovered it’s important to go back and revisit form every once in a while! Going slowly is a heck of a workout and I cleaned up some of my postures and form. Thanks Kaisa and Team :)

- Kerri M.

FAQ Section Needed:

Q: What equipment do I need?

Q: If I just had knee, hip, whatever surgery, is this going to be okay for me?

Q: Do you provide modifications for certain limitations of movement?

Q: I have bad knees. Am I going to be able to do any of these workouts?

Q: I’ve never been able to stick to something, like fitness for me. Why is this any different?


898 Reviews for JUST MOVE Membership

“Great beginning! Gentle but firm clear and understandable. Very nice. Fun to get moving again!”

— Amy M.

“She's encouraging, but not super excited. It was great.”

— Colleen M.

“Love it! ❤️ I'm a trainer myself and needed something quick to get my day started. This was a great full body workout that did not take long at all but still broke a good sweat. 👍”

— Clemente C.

“Perfect for a quick start in the morning”

— Val G.

“The videos are great and informative. I know I was previously able to airplay the videos. Is this no longer an option?”

— Candice C.

“Did 40 and added to my favourites!”

— Sabina B.

“I love the variety of workout and mobility options. This is perfect for when I just wake up and my age makes itself known. I can get in a solid workout allowing me to get on with my day!”

— Brandy B.

“This is my first flow with Georgina, and I love it. I selected this flow because I live in a bigger body and I was so excited to have someone who looks a little like me as an instructor. It was a great flow and I look forward to trying out more of her classes.”

— Maria C.

“Absolutely see results with your run after doing this workout consistently. Glad to have remembered to dive back into it again in the new year.”

— Jenn S.

“great workout !”

— BethAnn B.

“i have an easily irritated neck . this is great .”

— Cyndi C.

“Great content! Has something for everybody and instructors keep it fun and engaging.”

— Kelly G.

“Love Rachel. It was awesome. Shaking and quaking legs in 5 mins. Amazing.”

— Nathaniel C.

“Tried with my son, it was great fun.”

— Vilma J.

“It was perfect”

— Tatjana L.

“Fabulous workouts!!!!!!”

— Meggan F.

“Love the diversity of workouts and instructors. No matter my mood there is something for me. Thanks for being the best workout partner I’ve ever had!”

— Liermanc L.

“Fantastic, creative, and fun! Kaisa is a master of her craft. She knows how the body works and how it moves. Her workouts never fail to get my heart rate up and the sweat flowing but are so adaptable and accessible. People of all shapes, sizes, and ability will find something here because Kansa’s program explores various ranges of motion while taking great care to offer modification and reminders to listen to one’s body. In this way, and in others, Kiasa’s offerings are inclusive and challenging! Her programs over the last several years have helped me greatly throughout many stages of fitness on my life long health and wellness journey. Thank you Kaisa!!”

— MC B.

“I love everything about this project, the people, the vision, the accessibility and the challenge. It is truly inspiring and empowering, highly recommend!!!”

— Fernanda M.


— Manuel C.

“Brilliant- just what my body needs to stay functional”

— Patsy M.

“Really enjoying all the content and the different levels of workouts and the extensive mobility library!”

— Saukyn L.

“That was great, thank u so much”

— Luisina C.

“Feels so good every. damn. time! Thank you Kaisa! Grateful for this membership and all you do!”

— Carey B.

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