Lift & Lower

Grab some light or medium dumbbells and some slides and get ready to work your core! 5 moves, 10 reps, 3 rounds — sounds simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Slidin’ In

Switch it up with this slider workout! Grab some sliders (or small towels or paper plates) and join Coach Ant for this full-body strength and cardio workout. You may also want a rolled up yoga mat, towel, or pillow for your knees. Let’s go, Just Move fam!

Slide to Barre

You didn’t come here for easy! So come join Rachel at the barre with some sliders (or socks, rags, or paper plates) and get ready for an intense lower-body flow.

Core Control

If you want a core workout that doesn’t rely on crunches, try this steady yoga flow with Elena. These slower, controlled movements will activate your deeper core muscles, while focusing on your breath will keep you centered and relaxed.