Strength Single

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Today’s strength workout is 24 minutes. I call it “strength-ish” because while we have a few higher-intensity moves, this is a pretty slow and controlled workout. I’m doing the workout with you. Enjoy the movement that feels best for you today.

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24-Minute Strength Workout
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12 Reviews

Strength Single

You don’t need to lift weights to get strong! Strength workouts are the perfect opportunity gain total body strength by simply learning how to move your bodyweight around. We’ll slow things down just a bit to make sure that we can control our full range of motion in each movement but don’t be fooled, these workouts will be sure to leave you feeling the burn everywhere!

12 Reviews for Strength Single

“Really enjoying the workouts”

— Neil B.

“This a great workout! I feel I get stronger each time I do it. Love the improvement from week to week. I love being able to alternate programs too. T hank you soo much.”

— Cynthia S.

“Kaisa never disappoints. Slow moves but working the core and looking for balance. I'm sweating!! Totally recommend this ⚡”

— Silvia G.

“I have gained 19 lbs by staying at home with kids during this lockdown. I need to get back into shape and this set is a great exercise after putting the kids to the bed.”

— Tuomas V.

“This workout is the best. The next day I felt sore all over my body! I recommend this workout to everyone.”

— Sandy N.

“Love these, especially when travelling - fun, fast, keep you moving”

— Crystal W.

“Super workout. I really like the progressions as the session progresses. Keeps the mind engaged. And while it's intended to be done slowly and controlled, I like how it generates heat regardless, so it feels like a cardio session.”

— Craig W.

“Kiitos Kaisa, hyvältä tuntui! :0)”

— Bita P.

“thank you kaisafit. your ig fans miss you.”

— sergio m.

“Loved the Strength Single. Perfect amount of time, and I loved the format and Kaisa's coaching throughout. Having her sweat and breathe like the rest of us was even more encouraging! I actually did the strength single first then the core single. Perfect combination. I have been following her for years and she is an inspiration!”

— Monica W.

“This was really good. Loved moving with you vs the short “snip-it” that I did previously. Strong and controlled programming with a focus on form. Great idea and for less than a cost of a smoothie!”

— Lisa N.

“Great workout!! Just what I was looking for. I teach fitness as well, more Cardio based classes. I love how this is slow and controlled, you feel every move and gain more and more strength with every set. Thanks Kaisa I really love the way you train. #justmove”

— Ines S.