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This beginner cardio routine is perfect for anyone who wants to explore new movement or just get back in the game!

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START Sweat Includes

Beginner Cardio Routine
2 Digital Follow Along Workouts
40-min and 20-min Variations
No Equipment Needed!
No Monthly Subscription! (1-time purchase)
English Subtitles
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22 Reviews


Are you a beginner looking to get your sweat on? Start here!

The fitness world can sometimes feel like a very exclusive place, and I am NOT about it. Every body should feel included, empowered, and encouraged to feel its absolute best—and movement is the way to do it!

I’ve designed this workout to not only get your heart pumping, but to prepare you to graduate to more difficult movements (when you’re ready) that further challenge your mind, body, and spirit!

What is cardio? Cardio is any exercise that elevates your breathing and strengthens your heart and lungs.

And why does this matter? When your heart is healthy and strong, your whole body benefits!

Why START Sweat?

I’ve found that the best way to feel good is to get moving! This cardio workout is made for beginners, or people looking to get back into movement. I provide a variety of modifications to help you slow down or amp up the challenge for yourself. And the more you do it? The better you’ll feel!

Here are some of the awesome benefits of START Sweat:

  • It’s an all-in-one workout—warm-up, cool-down, cardio, and more!
  • Relieve stress
  • Condition your heart and lungs
  • Get connected with your body
  • High energy and lots of fun!

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START Sweat Short (20 mins)

In a rush? This routine is great when you want to still get your sweat on but don’t have much time to commit. Any movement counts towards feeling your absolute best!
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START Sweat Long (40 mins)

Try this workout when you’ve got more time and want a little guidance for each move. Move through this high energy routine to maximize your cardio potential.

22 Reviews for START Sweat

“Excellent sweaty workout even for a non-beginner. Always looking for something a little lower intensity during my menstrual cycle that will keep me moving and feeling strong. Thanks for making workouts so accessible for all of us!”

— Sara L.

“Hug tried the 40 minute workout tonight for the first time. Sweating and I love it! Amazing - I can finally do burpees with a hop front and back (leaning on ottoman). I have hip and back issues; I always feel better after your workouts. This is my new favorite. Learning to accept my chubby 57 year old body as a work in progress. I am thankful each day I wake up, say thank you Lord and get moving. God bless you.”

— Barri M.

“I love these videos for two reasons, both have to do with being afraid of my body. First, I had a bad neck injury from improper exercising and it has put a huge wrench in my fitness routine for the past 4 years. Most strengthening or HIIT workouts involve planks, which cause massive pain for me the next day. Kaisa’s modified burpee causes no pain and it is SO EMPOWERING! I feel strong and capable and unafraid to try hard things again. Her moves are simple too, so I can go slow and turn the workout into a mindfulness exercise, focusing on form and how my body feels and just reminding myself that movement is more important than anything else. I’ve been on a mindfulness journey for many years now and being able to find a workout program where I Can mix the two is such a game changer. Second reason is I have a similar body type as Kaisa, although I am no where near her fitness level. My mother also had this frame but she hated it and said a lot of negative things about her body and wouldn’t workout because she “bulked too much” and hated “being big.” Since our frames are the same, I picked up those same negative thoughts and really limited myself throughout life, even though I’m naturally athletic. Seeing Kasia use those same things as an asset is so inspiring and proves everything my mom said was flat out wrong. With Kaisa’s workouts, I finally see someone like me and I can’t even describe how meaningful that is! Anyway, I really hope to see more of these Start Cardio videos. First time I feel confident and capable to make it through a workout and not wake up in horrible pain.”

— Kimberly S.

“After a slow start, I finally got my first week of the Start program done. What an awesome program! I'm doing the short workouts for the first 2 weeks, then will move on to the longer ones for the following 2 weeks. After that, I'll tackle the mobility program. I'm alternating with a 16-week yoga program, on the off days, working out 6 days per week. Once I get through the 16 weeks, I may post a before & after video. 😉”

— Maya K.

“I watched this video before doing it and swore I would not be able to do it. I told myself I would work my way up to it. I have back and hip issues that prevent me from really moving the way I want-hence why I brought this package. But also why I was hesitant. I was wrong. This knocked the breath out of me, I paused when I needed to but it was completed and I really can't wait to do it again. What I loved is the encouragement. I love that Kasia continues to emphasize different ways to step up your workout or to keep at the lower end. I did all of mine at the lower end and will work my way up to the different levels. But I did it! Thank you Kasia for creating this fun beginner level. It's just what I needed.”

— Leslie L.

“HI Kaisa, I've been doing Mobility One for a while, but I decided to go for Start Sweat, to get more of an aerobic thing going on. I really like it! And I love your encouragement. It would be helpful, in future programmes (I'm in the UK, hence different spelling), to have more variety in the of sequences. Also, a request. I'm 56, and my balance is kind of an issue (always has been). I like how you adapt yoga poses into more of a flow; it would be great if you developed a Kaisa approach to balance. I love your vibe, it's a real tonic, and the programmes work well for me.”

— Thecla S.

“Tried all three and Sweat is the best for me and my 10 year old niece! We workout together to keep her active during remote school. I didn’t realize I was a little more advanced so I will definitely purchase the next package this week to challenge us! Best thing about beginner series is improving our form while following your instruction. Been an IG follower for about a year now and I just love your spirit! Thank you Kaisa ♥️”

— Sherice W.

“This has got to be my favourite workout! I feel like I'm working hard, my heart rate is up - all without any strain on my SI joint. And I finish with a huge smile on my face and an even bigger sense of accomplishment! Thank you so much, Kaisa - these workouts have been a game changer while I'm recovering from injury :)”

— Rachel K.

“Loves the Start Sweat workout. Totally agree that you get out what you put into the workouts.”

— Debbie M.

“This is my favourite so far! I didn't realize that I had endurance until I completed this exercise twice this week :)”

— Karen P.

“It's truly superb and made for us beginners. The only thing I am not able to do is the punch from side to side. The punches itself are good, but how we stand and how quickly you switch sides are super hard to keep up. Can't seem to be able to stand correct. So I have just been standing with the feet a little apart and then did the punches from side to side. But you keep kicking my ass🤪 There are so few great programs for beginners, or like me - starting all over again after childbirth and 3 surgeries in stomach these past years. Thank you!”

— Helene T.

“I began with START Mobility and it felt amazing for my body! Kaisa is cognizant of how we may talk to ourselves in our head and encourages us throughout the video to keep going or do what our body allows. Once I was ready to challenge myself more, I expanded to her START Bundle. The bonus is that you get a calendar to reference when you can schedule your workout routines in! On top of that, it gives you self care tips! I did my first START Sweat and it is amazing! I feel like a BOSS while I'm doing it and feel great about myself when I'm done! Thank you, Kaisa!!! I recommend this to EVERYONE!”

— Dorothy S.

“Such a great video- everything is well explained and the options for stepping up the workout (or stepping it back) and clearly explained.”

— Rachel S.

“I'm in my first week of START and was a bit nervous about the Sweat segment, but Kaisa makes it so fun and easy! Easy to modify up or down, easy to follow at your own pace, easy to keep up but also push it! It's been years since I've had any exercise classes, but I absolutely love this and look forward to my next one!”

— Elizabeth W.

“Moi Kaisa! I NOW love jumping burpees as I can use the chair to help! I’m a 49yr old, carrying excess weight and some mobility issues. I’m igniting my passion for moving and connecting to my body again! Good work team 💖”

— Anna V.


— Deidre L.

“This has been instrumental in getting back to fitness after having COVID-19. It gives me enough to feel good and get back to movement (after being cleared by my doctor). I feel stronger, healthier, and like I'm rewarding my body for doing its best to fight off the infection.”

— Jacqulin B.

“After searching so long for an online fitness program that would be appropriate for someone like myself with physical limitations who had not exercised for quite a while, I was ready to give up. Others were either impossible to do or boring and ineffective. But after trying the START Mobility program I was hooked. Today I purchased my third bundle and can’t wait to add them to my daily routine. Kaisa has gotten me back enjoying exercise again, having fun and experiencing some great results!”

— Sharon J.

“I am just getting back into working out, and this is what I need. I completed one workout and I love the energy and movement. This is what I have been looking for”

— Kelly K.

“Really great for folks just getting back into fitness, or people just starting out. The moves are creative and require intentionality, which I really appreciate!”

— Alicia F.

“Started this week. Absolutely love the workouts. Really well explained. The option of short or long session means there is no excuse! Thought is was really easy the first time through the circuit but holy man the second time through really made me break a sweat. This is so perfect for beginners or people just getting back into fitness.”

— Holly G.

“Great that you have released the Start programs, I had previously purchased some of your other products and loved them too. Now getting more motivated to regular exercise so a great start Well done Love your enthusiasm”

— Rosanne B.