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START 5-Minute Workouts

Ready to start a new exercise habit?

This is the perfect place to start. I’ll take you through 5-minute routines that are easy to follow and help you get moving, out of pain, and feeling confident!

The fitness world lacks true beginner workouts, and that’s a MAJOR problem. I see it all the time… people want to get started with exercise, but they have no idea where to begin. They’re overwhelmed by the options, unsure of what’s safe or effective, and they end up doing nothing.

That’s why I created this 5-minute workout collection—to give you a starting point. These workouts are designed for true beginners who want to ease into things and make movement a regular part of their lives.

Why 5 minutes?

The goal here is to make movement a habit, and the best way to do that is to start small. 5 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get your body moving without feeling overwhelmed or like you’re sacrificing too much time. These simple routines can be done anywhere, with no equipment required. You’ll be surprised at how good you can feel in just a few short minutes!

These workouts are organized into three areas:

  • Seated Workouts — It’s easy to get started. You can do these workouts at your desk, on your couch, or even on the edge of your bed. Add some mobility to your day and expand your range of movement.

  • Standing Workouts — Add more movement and cardio into your routine with these higher energy standing workouts. Expand your comfort zone get a boost for the day.

  • Skill Building — A complete “how-to” guide on the 5 fundamental moves that will help you build a strong base for the rest of your movement journey (hinge, squat, pull, plank, and balance).

Remember, the goal is to make movement a habit. And the best way to do that is to start small and build from there. These 5-minute workouts are the perfect place to begin!

With a wide variety of movement options, from cardio and stretching to mobility and walking, these workouts help make establishing a movement habit easy to accomplish.

My mission is to get the world moving, and these short programs are the perfect place to START!

PS. How much do I believe in START Moving? Try it and love it, or ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK! That’s my guarantee. What makes this program work is that people actually use it. There are already already 260 reviews from people who have used my START programs so far. I hope you’ll be adding your voice to this movement next.

Want to see exactly what workouts are included in these 5 minute collections? You can browse all the workouts below (click on the section title to show or hide each group of workouts):

5-Minute Seated

Your First Workout

Mobility Chair

1 Your First Workout

Welcome to your first workout! If you’ve got five minutes in your day to spare, that’s enough to start building up a habit of regular movement. No equipment needed — you can do this seated workout at your desk, on your couch, even on the edge of your bed.

Mobility Chair

Seated Mobility

Mobility Chair

2 Seated Mobility

Grab a chair and join Kaisa for this short and sweet 5-minute mobility flow!

Mobility Chair

Seated Calm

Mobility Chair

3 Seated Calm

Cultivate calm during this brief workout with plenty of deep breathing and stretching.

Mobility Chair

Back Relief

Mobility, Pain Relief, Stretch Chair

4 Back Relief

Ready to show your back some love? Join Kaisa for a quick back stretch!

Mobility, Pain Relief, Stretch Chair

Chair Mobility

Mobility Chair

5 Chair Mobility

This is a simple, short routine to mobilize your neck, shoulders, and back without standing up!

Mobility Chair

Wake and Shake

Cardio Chair

6 Wake and Shake

Shake off that morning sluggishness and get your body energized for the day ahead.

Cardio Chair

Open Your Shoulders

Mobility, Pain Relief

7 Open Your Shoulders

Take a break and give your shoulders some love! This 5 minute workout will open up tight shoulders and get you feeling great.

Mobility, Pain Relief

Wake Up

Mobility Chair

8 Wake Up

Start your day off right and set yourself up for success with a few minutes of intentional movement.

Mobility Chair
5-Minute Standing

Move and Step


9 Move and Step

Short on time? Squeeze in a little cardio with Kaisa in this 5 minute workout!


Punch and Stretch

Cardio, Mobility

10 Punch and Stretch

Mobilize your shoulders and sneak in some cardio in this stretching + punching combo workout.

Cardio, Mobility

Chair Stretch

Mobility, Stretch Chair

11 Chair Stretch

Feeling tight? Loosen up with this short chair stretch before returning to your busy day.

Mobility, Stretch Chair

March and Stretch


12 March and Stretch

March your way into an energy boost in under 5 minutes!


Quick Sweat

Cardio Chair

13 Quick Sweat

Have a little time to kill? Pull over a chair and move with Kaisa for 5 minutes of quick cardio!

Cardio Chair

Jog It Out

Cardio Chair

14 Jog It Out

A little cardio, a little hip opening – this workout is the best of both worlds!

Cardio Chair

Hip Opener

Mobility, Pain Relief Chair

15 Hip Opener

Wake up those hips with some gentle stretches that’ll have you feeling better in no time!

Mobility, Pain Relief Chair
5-Minute Skill Building



16 Hinge

You’re probably already doing hinges in your daily life, any time you pick something up off the ground or lean forward to sit down. If you experience knee or back pain, this move is especially important! In this Start with 5, Kaisa dives into the proper form for hinges, so you can be mindful of your form even when you're just bending over to pick something up.




17 Squat

Are you sitting down? If you are, you performed a squat today! Which means it’s especially important to have good form, since we do it so often throughout the day. Join Kaisa for a quick exploration into this basic, foundational move.




18 Pull

This Start with 5 talks about pulling movements, which allows us to strengthen our back. Why is this important? A stronger back = better posture and a reduced risk of injury. Let's go, Team!




19 Plank

The plank is a tried-and-true core strengthening move that is a great exercise to have on your movement journey. Love it or hate it, join Kaisa as she breaks down this foundational move -- hopefully you'll love it by the end!




20 Balance

We use our balance when we sit, turn our head, and walk -- it's foundational not just to our movement practice, but to our everyday lives! Improving balance can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries, and who doesn’t want that? Join Kaisa in this Start with 5 as we learn all about how to consciously (and safely!) work on our balance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What equipment do I need?
These are all at-home workouts. The only equipment we’ll use during our START Moving program is a chair, though it also helps if you have a mat or comfortable shoes to cushion your feet.

Will this work for people with bad knees, hips, or back pain?
Yes, that’s exactly who this START program is designed for! To keep you out of pain, these workouts avoid getting up and down off the ground. We prioritize balance, form, and safety so we’ll always have a chair with us in every work out — in fact, seated series is all done while sitting in a chair. And as you are learning new skills, we’ve designed modified versions of the most common workout moves that are friendly to people with hip, knee, or lower back pain.

If I have specific injuries, am recovering from surgery, or in physical therapy, will I be able to do this?
Always check with your doctor and/or physio to make sure you’re cleared for exercise. Our START programs are all designed to be more accessible, but if you have concerns about specific movements or positions, email us at and we can tell you more about any of our workouts.

Will this help me lose weight?
Honestly, we don’t focus on weight loss. All of our workout programs focus on enjoying movement and building up good routines, rather than trying to make our bodies look a certain way. Making positive changes to your daily habits and following a movement routine will always have its benefits, but we are unable to tell you how that strength will appear on your unique, wonderful body.

Is there a guarantee? What if this isn’t a fit for me?
If you are like a lot of the people we’ve talked to, you are tired of paying for programs that don’t work. And even if you like what you hear about START Moving, you are skeptical. Try this program — and go through the first couple foundation workouts. Then if it’s not a fit, email us at and tell us you want your money back. We’ll refund you quickly and happily.

260 Reviews for START 5-Minute Workouts

“This is amazing! It’s so helpful when coming back from an injury or really anytime! Yes, it’s labelled as a start level, but it’s for all levels! Thank you Kaisa and team! Love it!”

— Mamie S.

“I just saw a doctor because of pain in my arm that I have not been able to shake or run off. Got physical therapy prescribed which is all booked out and hard to come by. Turns out that starting over with the 30 min mobility is all I needed to unblock whatever kept my arm in pain. I hope this time I will for real stick to your routines Kaisa, so grateful for them! <3”

— Leonie S.

“Honestly have tried so many “beginner” and “low impact” workouts over the years, only to find them too complicated to follow along with & end up discouraged and abandoning it completely. As an overweight person, frequently getting down on the floor & many other aspects of traditional routines just aren’t feasible right at the start. This program was completely different & gave me the motivation to keep at it, even leaving me wanting to redo or explore extra workouts later in the day to get some more activity. Everyone says to start small & take baby steps, finally found a program that actually lives up to that advice. Highly recommend for anyone that has zero workout experience, struggle with keeping up with the “traditional” workouts out there, and just looking to get moving”

— Jennifer S.

“The workouts are deceptively easy but I could tell a difference in my range of motion after the first workout.”

— Lisa N.

“Kaisa, Thank goodness for you! I love this program, and I love how accessible it is. I am a toddler mom and my body doesn’t respond to movement the way it once did. Your program makes me feel that’s ok, and that I can take it slow and don’t have to be in pain! So excited to continue on this journey.”

— Megan D.

“Great start for a beginner! Kaisa is so very encouraging and easy to follow. Positive way to start my day I’m a stress-free way!”

— DeAnna C.

“Great way to get back into movement when arthritis has taken over your knees.”

— Sandy B.

“I have completed this week by doing class1 ,2 & 3 two times each. A great feeling !”

— Betti N.

“Excellent opening week with a knee surgery recovery. Thank you for this.”

— Glenna P.

“I love every single training, I am always looking forward to move with Kaisa. At the end I always feel empowered and stronger.”

— Maryse L.


— Emmanuel M.

“Awesome beginners workout. I was hesitant to purchase as have tried other beginner workouts that where too advanced for me. This one rocks and instructions are great !”

— Anne Marie R.

“I’m loving the videos and your teaching style! Thank you!!”

— Diana H.

“Came here from Barre 3 after a back injury left me unable to complete even the modified workouts. Love that is truly for beginners. Look forward to more workouts!”

— Kristen P.

“I was someone who was in great shape prepandemic. Due to a shoulder injury, followed by a back injury, followed by depression, I gained a lot of weight and had difficulty exercising. I admit that my ego didn't like starting over but it was the best decision I could have made. The exercises start slowly and each day builds up a little more. Kaisa explains each move thoroughly and is so encouraging! I'm finally optimistic that with a little patience I'll get my prepandemic fitness level back.”

— Debra L.

“I’m under went a double mastectomy in November 2021 and have had 2 additional surgeries since. I’ve had limited range of motion from the surgeries and also general muscle loss of months of chemotherapy. I’m not really a beginner with workouts but I know I need to take things slow. My body is out of shape from treatments and surgeries. This Program is just what I need to get back into the swing of things. I love it!”

— Gabriella M.

“I really enjoy the Start workouts. When starting other beginner workouts, I noticed that I often overdid it or pushed myself too hard or they weren't beginner enough and I would end up hurting myself and not be able to exercise for a while after that. I love that these workouts are truly designed for people who are not in shape. I love how encouraging the trainers are and how proud of myself I am after I complete a workout, even if I couldn't do all of the exercises. I appreciate that Kaisa stresses that just showing up is a big deal and I couldn't agree more! The shame i've felt over not sticking to exercise routines has often made me never want to return, but shame has no place here and that's why I come back.”

— Rachel A.

“This program is helping me so much, also love it when you email afterwards it helps me keep going! Thank you for doing this the floor and up and down movement is not something some of us can do.”

— Gabrielle H.

“Yes!!! Just what I needed to feel good about starting back up! Been "sitting" through most of Covid and the further I got away from fitness the more daunting it was to start thinking about getting back to it. Knowing I would be super frustrated if I just tried to jump back into what I used to do ... and then give up (speaking from experience 🥴) ... I knew I had to tackle this differently. - Today was day 1 for me and I feel a tingle in my muscles I haven't felt for a long time and I love it!! Add on to that, Kaisa's energy and supportive spirit and I can't wait for tomorrow! (I did do the first 3 sessions today ... because for me day 1 and 2 were great reminders and warm up ... but I was ready for a little more movement (prob because Kaisa eased me into it so nicely and I was feeling confident)... and day 3 was the perfect level of challenge for someone like me). Thank you! ... I haven't felt this positive about working out in 2 years!”

— Carol P.

“It was enjoyable. I was not able to do some of the moves yet I did what I could and kept moving. Looking forward to the next group.”

— Susan C.

“Im really loving this! Its at the right pace for me as a beginner!”

— Kimberly A.

“I'm using this challenge to slow down and reconnect with my body, even as a trainer. I feels great to be a student again - to remind myself that we are always students of our own bodies as we go through life. This first week, going slowly some of the movements were challenging, but I felt like Kaisa was right there with me. Giving modifications, which was super helpful and I was able to complete even with chronic injury and pain. Looking forward to the rest of it. <3”

— Jay-Anne B.

“Easy enough to not feel overwhelming, yet challenging enough to not be boring.”

— Milissa C.

“I really appreciate that you understand what it means to start moving after prolonged inactivity and/or injury. Many programs say they are for beginners, but they mean normally active, healthy, and usually young, beginners. It can be very discouraging to not be able to keep up with something labeled as being for beginners, but your program started from the VERY beginning, and that was very welcome.”

— karli s.

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