Newbie to Foodie

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Liz Wyosnick

Newbie to Foodie

Introducing the Newbie to Foodie program created by Kaisa’s nutrition coach: Liz Wyosnick MS, RDN!

Novice in the kitchen? Now is the perfect time to learn how to cook. Try Newbie to Foodie to get some basics under your belt and develop cooking skills that can benefit your health for life.

How This Works:

During weeks 1 through 4, you will learn how to cook some healthy basics: 1 protein, 1 starch, and 1 vegetable to compose a few meals for your week.

In weeks 5 and 6, you will follow a recipe for a bulk meal.

All throughout, enjoy the complimentary videos with Kaisa and Liz in the kitchen providing additional tips and knowledge bombs.

You can refer to resources and the complimentary videos over and over again.

Fueling your body with fresh, whole foods is the best thing you can do for your health, energy, and physical performance, and cooking is the best method to bring this to life. Cooking meals from scratch gives you full control over the ingredients you use and the portions you serve. It is also more cost-effective and sustainable, and deepens the relationship between food and your body.

The Newbie to Foodie program will lead you through a simplified step-by-step process to create delicious and nutritious food from scratch. In six weeks, you will have learned over 14 different simple preparations for food you will love.

“In my work with Kaisa, it always came back to the benefit of adopting a whole, unprocessed eating pattern to support optimal health. While she was a masterful trainer in the gym, she didn’t know her way around the kitchen, and cooking was entirely unfamiliar. I created this program with her in mind, and for others who may be intimidated by meal prepping, complex recipes, and their oven.”
— Liz Wyosnick MS, RDN

2 Reviews for Newbie to Foodie

“Informative, interesting and delicious! Thank you for sharing the benefits and making it easy!”

— Lisa H.

“Concise, creative, yummy. Thank you so much for making a collaboration between you & Kaisa to present & support these vital basics to nutrition. I feel inspired and at peace that this menu is affordable, SIMPLE, and scientifically backed by a Professional in Nutrition. Many nutritionists are very “cut & paste.” I think Liz Wyosnick really took time to put this to home use, without consuming the viewers time that could be used on the application.”

— April H.