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JUST MOVE Membership

582 Reviews for JUST MOVE Membership

“I've been using the Just Move library for just over a year. I love the variety of classes offered, along with the many capable and dynamic instructors. I've recommended Just Move to so many friends of all backgrounds. There's really something for everyone!”

— Amy L.

“I discovered Kaisa on Facebook during the pandemic lockdown. I loved the mobility approached and felt like I could do what she was demonstrating even though I had quit teaching spinning at the start of the lockdown and had not done any kind of serious exercise in three months. During a scorpion stretch, I felt like I had a grain of rice in my sports bra. Turns out, I had a tiny tumor. I went through a double-mastectomy with reconstruction, chemotherapy, oopherectomy, and am now on hormone blockers. I like to think that Kaisa's mobility workouts saved my life. I got the JustMove membership after I finished treatment because I knew that I could do the work. I hate weight training, but Mobility work, and the combination of body weight and mobility helps me stay strong and fit.”

— Stefanie L.

“Excelente ejercicio!”

— Alma C.

“Just move has everything you might need and for any amount of time you have! Body weight workouts, strength workouts, mobility, and yoga. I would highly recommend this to everyone. The coaches make you feel like they're right there with you and that you can push through and achieve whatever goals you have. I only have great things to say. Just join now!”

— Deedra F.

“This is how you do a BEGINNER workout!”

— Kristen P.

“My favorite, and what drew me to Just Move, is the mobility series. I’ve struggled with hip and lower back pain for years. I’ve come to rely on these as a supplement to the strength/endurance classes I take, first with in-person Orangetheory classes and currently with the at-home Peloton classes. I like that I can do these on my own schedule and anywhere I have access to my iPad/Wi-Fi. The short 5-15 minute videos are the best tension/stress relievers when I’m in between Zoom or Teams meetings and also a great way to start/end the day. If you’re like me and struggle to make workout buddies, just know that you have a great coach and role model in Kaisa.”

— Kimi A.

“My first ever Just Move video with Kaisa (Start Cardio) has me feeling limber, energized, and ready to come back for more! Kaisa gives us just enough of a push while also making sure we listen to our bodies and stay safe.”

— Erica F.

“Excelente!! Lo mejor que pude haber hecho para mi vida!!!”

— Gonzalo C.

“Great sequence and pacing.”

— Kemi U.

“I really enjoy dancing and have looked for something exactly like this online before. I enjoy this so much. It is very well paced and on days when I am struggling with a new part, it is very comforting that I can go back and replay sections as much as I need. Kisha’s personality is very welcoming, encouraging, and fun. After a year recovering from foot surgery, I am so excited to rebuild my health and my dancing abilities.”

— Kayla W.

“I love Kaisa and her workouts! She has a healthy, real body and a kind personality. Her exercises are gentle enough for beginners (in the Start series) but they are very effective. Many of her movements are so different some anything I've ever seen before in a workout video. But her little tweaks and adjustments take them even a 5 min stretching session to the next level. Thank you, Kaisa!”

— Juhi K.

“Loved this new mobility flow. It’s exactly what I needed!!!”

— Josee L.

“Loved it! Very challenging 🔥🔥😅”

— Julianne R.

“GREAT! Loved it!”

— Roxanne B.

“I am so happy I have re-subscribed. This accessible format with a focus on mobility and injury prevention is great for someone like myself who is recovering from a back injury. Kaisa and all of the instructions are able to provide the cuing necessary to ensure safe and effective exercise. Kaisa's positive wellness-based approach is refreshing. What truly keeps me coming back is the fact that I can get the movement/exercise I need without the toxicity of diet culture. I am so grateful for that.”

— Camille C.

“Amazing! I’m a very active person and I love being able to learn from likeminded people. I just finished a recovery flow and my body feels so much better than when I started. Looking forward to diving deeper into all the different classes.”

— Valerie L.

“This was a total pick me up after a frustrating day. Perfect reset and now I’m ready to jump back in! Thanks a MILLION!”

— Jen B.

“Absolutely love this workout!”

— Florence S.

“I am so incredibly grateful to have found Kaisa and these workouts. I'm getting back into movement, and Kaisa is so motivating and the moves don't feel overwhelming. I'm feeling strong and find myself looking forward to the next workout!”

— Paige J.

“Excellent beginner yoga that left me feeling centered and elongated. Thank you!”

— Katherine S.

“My daughter had so much fun doing this! And as always Kaisa is the best!!”

— Kristyn R.

“I love the variation of workouts available, particularly the variety of levels and lengths of classes! Every instructor has a different way of teaching and their unique approach to the body, which I love... and the more I explore, the more refined I can make my selection match my interests and needs for the day. I will say that I am so relieved that there are also yoga classes on the program. As a yoga teacher, I value the strength building and HIIT style classes, but my body really desires a mindful, strong yoga practice- and the yoga classes are just perfect! Elena in particular just has such an informed set of cues that (even as a yoga teacher) leaves me with a ton of "a-ha!" moments... and the cadence is just right! It's a perfect complement to the fast paced classes. Overall so grateful for Just Move! Kaisa is supreme and has a sharp eye for cherry picking the best of the best instructors.”

— Sonja S.

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