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JUST MOVE Membership

868 Reviews for JUST MOVE Membership

“Excellent and clear!”

— Peter S.

“Just what I needed for the back. Love Elana's tone.”

— Monique G.


— Victoria H.

“Love this !!!”

— Blanca B.

“Option to smile made me feel good every time!”

— Cindy L.

“Love it”

— Clara O.

“Excellent moves for a quick wake up.”

— Ioanna A.

“Loved it! Perfect way to do a quick unwind after sitting at my desk all day.”

— Pauline A.

“Well explained, my feet loves it!”

— Jannicke L.

“Love this have done it twice thanks!”

— Maureen N.

“Thank you so much, that was perfect and I needed this. Let's go!”

— Faith G.

“Gentle yet effective. Made me happy and ready to start my day.”

— Dana M.

“My GODDD!!!!! This one gets me every time. Every muscle group is targeted and the cardio is in perfect balance. LOVE IT AND HATE IT!!! PERFECT.”

— Mairym V.

“I love Kaisa! The focus is on proper form which brings presence and just overall connection with your body. She has the spirit of.... this is for YOU. Move for YOU. I love her energy.”

— Renee B.

“Awesome! Thank you Kaisa! Both you and your workouts are amazing (and unbelievably creative). Thank you!”

— Elizabeth F.

“That was amazing. Why has it taken me this long to find this?! I’m a nurses so I work 12 hr shifts. I also have a 3.5 year old son. Never been active, have poor posture, practice poor body mechanics at work, live a sedentary lifestyle if left to my own devices. BUT, I’m in my 30s and have an physically active job. I have a Peloton and done Couch to 5K 2-3x. Same thing happens everytime. I get really into it and start exercising moderately, but I either injure myself or need a rest day after work and in between whatever virus my son brings home. Having just completed 1 workout, my body doesn’t hurt and I could see myself doing more and more in a stepwise fashion that increases my mobility outside of work, but won’t cause injuries. Woohoo!”

— Isabel M.


— Elenne V.

“Great variety! challenging!”

— Lashan M.

“Love who simple but also effective this workout is. Georgina is also really welcoming and supportive!”

— Hope T.

“Just started and the gym and this was helpful to give me some good practices ! Great start to incorporating dumb bells”

— Kimora S.

“Amazing content”

— Rhyanna W.

“Love it. Kaisa killed me in 10 min 😊”

— Alexandra V.

“I love these start videos. I used to always say I wish there were beginner workout videos for those who have never begun, because too often the videos would assume some level of fitness or flexibility. It really made it difficult for me to lose weight because I would get frustrated as I couldn't do like half the work outs or would get winded too quickly. These videos have helped me start to workout and I am now starting to build a routine.”

— Hannah M.

“Love the energy! Great beginner workout that can be adjusted up or down. Will definitely become part of my rotation. Thank you!”

— Jennifer C.

“Great workout!”

— Barbara D.

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