Just Move Challenge

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Are you ready to dedicate the next 30 days to feeling better than you ever have before?


Just Move Challenge Includes

4-Week Training Program
Cardio, Strength, and Mobility Workouts
Requires minimal equipment
Daily Video Workout Videos
Includes PDF Download for each Workout
Lifetime Access
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10 Reviews

Just Move Challenge

Are you ready to dedicate the next 30 days to feeling better than you ever have before?

These workouts require minimal equipment and can be done at home, in the gym, or even outside. The program is designed for everyone with three different levels given for each workout. This is an experience that you do not want to miss.

Daily workouts that require minimal equipment and can be done at home, in the gym or even outside!

Limited Equipment needed:

  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • and a Jump Rope.

I’ve designed three difficulty levels for each workout to keep you challenged and to allow you to progress.

Follow along with me as I demonstrate each movement and go through the workout with you.

Challenge is one, unique, 4-week program. We repeat the week and increase difficulty to master all of the moves and to maximize our results!

10 Reviews for Just Move Challenge

“This is SO HARD in the most perfect and wonderful way possible. I love that she offers so many modifications for each exercise so people will be challenged no matter what their fitness level. I'm a super-beginner, so this is great for me, and I know I'll be able to continue getting the most out of this for a long time as I work my way up through the different mods.”

— Sarah G.

“Thank you for this great workout challenge! I have just completed the first week. There are different options for each move to challenge yourself.”

— Heike B.

“Kaisa has had such a powerful impact on my life. I found Kaisa/her programs at a time when I was transitioning out of coaching/training full-time. I suffered from multiple (physical) injuries and was attempting to change my negative self-talk (a difficult habit to break). Then in came Kaisa with her megawatt smile, creative movements and can-do attitude ... and it was game on. Through Kaisa's encouragement/empowering way of coaching I have tried moves I was too timid to try, have increased strength and have completely shifted how I talk to my body. I cannot say enough good things about this woman and her programs. She pours her heart and soul into all she creates and it shows! Try one of her challenges if you're looking to mix up your movement routine - they're a blast.”

— Claire .

“Loved the workout! Was a challenge and I liked having the 3 different difficulty levels to choose from. Can't wait for my next workout.”

— Veronica M.

“This workout is great! I even made sure my girlfriend and roommate did it with me as well. Great results! Can't wait to subscribe to other programs! Thank you Kaisa for all the great content!”

— Sandy O.

“The movements were unique and challenging, really a lot of fun and sweat. Also learning new movement is exciting. I took off a star as it became a bit repetitive repeating the same week 4 times. Additionally, the optional Saturday workout had no video, which would have been appreciated.”

— Jessica S.

“I love these workouts. I am sore but enthusiastic to start the next workout!! Talk about jump starting my fitness journey-- Im getting STRONG.”

— Kyra T.

“The best. I’m actually getting strong.”

— Brandy W.

“I really appreciate the multiple progression / regression for the exercises. You are encouraging without being over the top. I've always admired your level of fitness like the fact you focus on all areas of fitness strength, cardio & mobility. Your site is easy to use also”

— Deidre L.

“I always love watching you doing the workout, so motivation like the facts that your outfit not so revealing, you motivate me, Your work our is awesome, Love it Enjoy it, ************* 10+++ stars all the way ❤ Thanks you .”

— Norsiah S.