Beginner is not a bad word

When I was a personal trainer, most of my clients were new to movement and didn’t associate it with joy or connection but rather with feeling awkward and uncomfortable… and even worse, with shame.

Over the years I noticed this pattern over and over again with beginner movers…

Shame that they weren’t comfortable in the gym or in their body, shame that they were unsure how to properly move, shame that it had taken them so long to come in…. The list went on and on.

What other activities do we participate in that from the VERY beginning, you expect ourself to be an expert?

Why is being a beginner in so many other things in life celebrated and applauded but being a beginner at movement is frowned upon?

Because the fact is, we are ALL beginners at different points in our lives!

And truthfully, so many incredible things come out of being a beginner because it creates an opportunity for you to truly learn about yourself, especially when it comes to movement.

So if you are new to movement and feeling frustrated, think about something that you’re an expert in, whether it’s a job skill, a hobby, or a passion… Do you look down upon someone who’s just trying that very thing for the first time?

Of course not!

Movement is the same! Just remind yourself that it’s normal to feel scared and awkward when you first begin.

Whatever pushed you to start moving, don’t forget to be gentle with yourself! Focus on being proud that you are starting something new and remember that showing up consistently will help to build your confidence!

And don’t forget that it’s normal to come back to beginner classes whenever you need to slow down, focus on your form, and really connect to your body!

So go try something new today and celebrate being a beginner!

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