28 for 28 Challenge

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The goal for this challenge is to dedicate just 4 days a week to training and fueling right. It’s that simple!


28 for 28 Challenge Includes

4-Week At-Home Program
4 28-Minute Workouts Per Week
No Special Equipment Needed
PDF Download for each Workout
Lifetime Access
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6 Reviews

28 for 28 Challenge

Join me for just 28 minutes a day for 28 days as we sweat it out together and work on new #lifehacks to improve our mindfulness, fueling habits and so much more!

After completing the 28 for 28 Challenge you will have learned a set of powerful Mind + Body tools!

What is the 28 for 28 Challenge?


16 different video guided at-home workouts that embody my signature fun and creative ways of moving. (Expect to use some household items!) No gym equipment needed and no repeated workouts. Every single workout will be a new and exciting 28-minute challenge!


Learn 12 unique tools to improve your stress, plan your meals, and find the time to take care of you.

Who Is the 28 for 28 Challenge For?

The 28 for 28 Challenge is an approachable movement challenge that will teach you valuable life tools. If you are short on time, don’t enjoy or have access to the gym or just want to spice things up, this challenge is perfect for you.

Here’s the Weekly Challenge Schedule:

Monday: 28-minute at-home workout

Tuesday: 28-minute at-home workout

Wednesday: 28-minute stress management #lifehack

Thursday: 28-minute at-home workout

Friday: 28-minute self-care #lifehack

Saturday: 28-minute at-home workout

Sunday: 28-minute meal planning #lifehack

6 Reviews for 28 for 28 Challenge

“I love this challenge. Workouts are not too long for a busy mother of 2 children. The movements are fun and exciting. I am getting easily bored with workouts, if workout does not include play and joy and challenge. These movements are full of easy, but exciting movements, that brings fun and new experience of yourself”

— Viola V.

“I was so disappointed, that there are no instructions how to make the exercises proper that I didn’t open my account for months, since the purchase. Far to expensive for videos without any sound to follow proper as a beginner.”

— Katrin B.

“Awesome!!! Challenging and rewarding. I loved it.”

— Marcus W.

“A great workout in 28 minutes in the comfort of your home or gym and No equipment needed! I love it! The sweat equity is real! Keep it coming Kaisa!”

— Tamera W.

“So far it's been a good experience. I wish there were more upper body shoulder stability/activatuon exercise. But I am enjoying the workouts”

— Shalimar W.

“I love this program! I used it as a 4 week challenge for a month while didn’t have gym access. I have continued to do one or two workouts a week since then. My husband works long hours and we have 3 little boys so it has been perfect for me to do at home when I can’t get to the gym. The moments are simple and fun but I always had to push myself at the end to finish because it was such a great workout. I would highly recommend it to someone who needs options for at home workouts or someone who travels often.”

— Natalie F.